All your digital marketing channels, in one place

Reach out to your audience across multiple channels with our easy-to-use App


Create beautiful campaigns, fast

BOMA makes it easy to deliver content to your audience, without having to invest time or resource into creating it yourself. With access to a curated library of quality, pre-prepared articles* and imagery, you simply select, customise and send to your existing customer database.

* Currently available to Xero Partners. More content libraries are being added soon.

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Connect with the right audience

Targeted customer communications have more impact, generate more interest and qualify sharper leads. BOMA’s audience segmentation tools help you understand customer behaviour, so you can provide timely, relevant content that really aligns with what they need.

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Create email campaigns with impact

Ensure that every engagement not only looks great, but is consistent with your brand and communicates your key messages with impact. BOMA’s email template options makes communicating with your customers easy, professional and cost-effective. Best of all, there’s no need for design skills or extra marketing resource.


Boost engagement with content sharing

Don’t miss an opportunity to share relevant, insightful content with your audience. BOMA makes it easy to publish timely social posts which helps to boost engagement and grow your brand.


Never miss an opportunity to connect

BOMA makes it easy to connect at the right time, in the right place. You can create campaigns when it suits you, then schedule them at a time that is most relevant to your audience, or most relevant to the operations of your business.

“We have been talking about client communication for a long time, but never had the time or resources to do this properly. We love Boma’s extensive image library, easy to use interface, and, last but not least, the most fabulous customer experience team who bend over backwards to assist in making Boma work for our practice. Highly recommend!”


Linda Hodgson, Frank HQ


Manage multiple channels

BOMA brings together all your email and social media platforms in one place. There’s no need to switch between accounts or re-create content – with a few clicks, you can easily create and share content across all your communication channels.

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Get creative

Stand out, strengthen your brand presence and grow your reach, without investing in expensive design resource. Flexible design options allow you to effortlessly produce beautiful, customised campaigns that your customers love to engage with.

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Data-driven marketing

With a wealth of performance insights, you can better understand your customers, how well your campaigns are resonating with your audience, and where your marketing focus is best directed.

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Everything you need to run a successful digital marketing campaign