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What are users say

“BOMA was exactly what a firm like ours was looking for. In the past we found digital marketing complex and time consuming. With BOMA, it’s so easy and the support team are awesome.  If you are unsure, give the 14 day trial a go and have a play.”


Luke Sawyer


Accountant / Cloud Integrator, Woottons


“I am absolutely in love with BOMA. I used to dread sending newsletters to my clients….by dread I mean, not even do. Now I enjoy writing newsletters each month and with the email templates they are super easy. The content library gives you so many options on what to discuss with clients each week and the facebook ads let you quickly and easily connect with your audience.”


Jo Doye, Director, Alluvia Financial


“I used to pay expensive 3rd parties to create content for me but with BOMA all the content is ready to go. This makes it so much easier to engage with my clients via social media and email and even better it has reduced my costs and the time I spend on marketing.”

David Garnham

Principle, Vision Financial Group