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How it works

Create email and social campaigns fast.

Engage with your audience using personalised email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns, all in a single platform.

Real-time analysis and segmentation

We track all the behaviours connected to your campaign and build accurate audience profiles - so you know who exactly your customers are.

We recommend what’s next

Boma provides data-driven recommendations on the best way to reach your audience with the next campaign. No more guesswork.


Smart Segments

Boma’s advanced machine learning capability continuously crunches your campaign data, suggesting new ideas and opportunities to better enagage with your audience.

Channel Re-Formatting

Design once, apply everywhere. Boma automatically reformats your content to fit so every campaign is compatible across all of the channels you select.

Effortless content creation

Connect to a huge library of 250,000+ professional stock images for use in your campaign for free.

Activity stream

Dive into a customer’s activity stream and discover how they’re interacting with your brand/business across your website, email and social media.

Actionable Analytics

The Boma platform analyses campaign and audience data in real time and delivers actionable insights on a full dashboard to help guide your decision making and give you a complete picture of campaign ROI.

Rich customer profiles

Like a CRM but better, Boma facilitates a deep understanding of your customers using their behaviour across multiple channels.

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