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Your all-in-one digital marketing tool

BOMA brings together all your digital marketing channels into one platform including email, social posts, blog posts and social ads.

There’s no need to switch between platforms or re-purpose content – with a few clicks, you can easily create and share your own content, or use articles from BOMA’s content library, via email, social channels and your website. 

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BOMA users get access to a content library filled with customisable ready-to-share articles filled with insights that are timely, relevant and varied ensuring you always have something to talk about in your emails, social posts and blog posts to current clients and new prospects.

How to thrive in a changed world

Lockdowns, closed borders and uncertainty mean small businesses are still struggling with the effects of COVID-19. Xero's recent survey uncovered some common strategies for success in a crisis.

Who are your competitors? And what do you know about them?

Knowing who your competitors are, how they compare, and what their competitive advantages are is vital business intelligence. Do your research, talk to customers, and find your point of difference. #businessadvice

Establishing your competitive advantage

Your competitive advantage could be something tangible, like a unique feature that your competitors simply don’t have, your brand positioning, or customer service. What sets you apart in your market?

Pricing strategies and how to set the best price

Are you hitting the right price point? We’ll analyse your current pricing strategy, review your prices and suggest the best way to improve your margins and profitability. #businessadvice #pricing

Staying afloat and thriving through a downturn

Coping with a sudden downturn is no walk in the park. If you’re looking to improve your business planning or improve your financial model, do come and talk to us. #businessadvice #SmallBusiness

Small business bookkeeping – Here's how

Bookkeeping has gone from hand-written ledgers to high-tech automation – but it’s just as important for a small business as ever. Want to get your head around keeping good financial records? Start here.

Contractor or employee? How to get it right

Knowing when a worker is a contractor or an employee can be tricky, but there are penalties if you get it wrong. Learn the key differences that will help you understand the real nature of the employment relationship before you enter into it.

Kindness is a business trend

Are you underestimating the value of your local connections? A recent survey shows that an incredible 93% of people are more likely to support small businesses that help their communities.

Why accurate leave management is so important

Taking a relaxed approach to leave management can put the health of your employees and business at serious risk. Here are the leading reasons for diligently tracking, managing, and paying leave.

The COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment

The COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment is available for businesses, including self-employed people, to help pay their workers who cannot work from home while they wait for a COVID-19 test result.


Streamline your marketing

Save time by integrating all your email and social media marketing into one platform that does it all and comes with ready-to-share articles.

Cut down on multiple subscriptions, reduce the complexity of operating multiple platforms and simplify your digital marketing.

BOMA makes digital marketing easy and cost effective.


Create beautiful email campaigns

Select articles from the content library or write your own. BOMA enables you to create engaging emails in minutes not days.

You can design your own templates, choose from our template library, and reuse your favourites. BOMA makes it easy to create beautiful email campaigns and newsletters.


Create and send social posts in minutes

Engage your social media followers at scale with BOMA. You can write your own social posts or choose social content from the BOMA content library.

With BOMA’s free photo library (over 2.9 million images) you’ll never be without the right image to help your social posts cut through the noise and make the right impression with your audience.

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“BOMA helps me easily and regularly connect with my clients via email and social media all in one simple but powerful platform – a great time saver.”

Nikki Gilbert Kerr
Enrich Accounting

“BOMA is really easy to use!  In a few clicks I can create and send a campaign via email and my social channels. I can reach more people, more easily and get on with my work for clients.”

Scott Murray
Tester Porter Services

“I am absolutely in love with BOMA. Now I enjoy writing newsletters each month and with the email templates they are super easy and the facebook ads let you quickly and easily connect with your audience.”

Jo Doye
Alluvia Financial