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Keeping on top of small business cash flow

Stay on top of cash flow with cloud accounting software. It’s a decision that can save you time that you can spend on other areas of your business. Talk to us, we can help.

Understanding Your Balance sheet

Are you confident in understanding the financial snapshot of your balance sheet? Book a session now to analyse your reports with an experienced business advisor.

Understanding Your Statement of Cash Flows

Do you fully understand the impact of your business activities on your cash flow? Your cash flow statement can give you great insight into business operations. Book a session today to examine your financial reports.

Keeping your business cash liquid – the difference between cashflow and profit

Do you know the difference between profits and cash flow? We’ll help you understand why cash is king and how to improve your cash flow management AND profitability

Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement

Would you like to know more about the relationship between costs and revenue to make better business decisions? Book a session today to examine your financial reports with an experienced business advisor.

Leveraging the “SME Advantage”

In a tight labour market, smaller businesses need to play to their strengths and tailor unique remuneration packages for each individual. This article looks at the advantages SMEs can leverage to attract and retain top talent.

Key numbers to focus on in your business now

What are the key reports to focus on in your business? We'll show you how to track performance, take action and prepare your company for surviving the new business normal.

Bringing your cashflow processes into the digital age

When economic times are tough, it helps to be in control of your cashflow. We explain how to improve your cashflow – and how this helps you run your business through tough times.

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Connecting with your clients and prospective clients through high-value content helps to build and strengthen relationships. It can also help to boost your brand awareness and help to promote your offering service. BOMA makes it easy to stay in touch.

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Many Accountants & Financial Advisors struggle to write regular content for their website and to include in their newsletters and social posts. For many, as it’s not a billable activity they either outsource it at great expense or do it in house with mixed results. BOMA comes with a huge library of customisable and ready-to-share articles making blog post writing a breeze.

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