Create or Customise with BOMA's Generative AI Writing Tool 'Content Assist'

BOMA’s generative AI writing tool ‘Content Assist’ revolutionises your email campaigns and blog post creation. With the flexibility to effortlessly customise and edit articles from our extensive content library or create emails and blog posts from scratch in minutes.



Create from Scratch:

Craft compelling emails and copy with ease, starting from a blank canvas or a simple idea. Watch as our intuitive AI ‘Content Assist’ generates the first draft for you, streamlining the content creation process.


Customise and Edit:

Already have content in mind? Use ‘Content Assist’ to effortlessly customise and edit articles from our rich content library. Tailor our expertly curated content to align perfectly with your unique brand voice and perspective, ensuring a seamless fit for your audience.


Simple and Accessible

‘Content Assist’ seamlessly integrates into your BOMA workflow, offering a user-friendly experience. Input your prompts (instructions) and watch the content options appear. You can then tweak them on the spot or leave them as-is—all without leaving the email campaign page.


Effortless Editing and Sending

Save valuable time as ‘Content Assist’ generates on-brand emails and copy. Deliver relevant and captivating content to your audience whether you’re creating from scratch or editing existing articles. The goal is to provide you with options and free up your time for client engagement.


Showcase Your Expertise

Highlight your specific expertise and industry knowledge by personalising articles from our content library. Showcase your insights, share industry updates, and position yourself as a thought leader in the accounting landscape.



Enhance Client Connections

Engage your clients with content that reflects your unique perspective. Create personalised messages that resonate with your audience, deepening connections and reinforcing the value you bring to their financial journey.


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