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BOMA is a self-drive marketing software platform that helps small businesses take the time, risk and complexity out of digital marketing. We’re passionate about making the best marketing-software tools available and affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes


Founding Team

Ian Christie – CEO
Ian is driven by his passion for the intersection of creativity and commerce with a vision to democratise marketing technology, helping businesses around the world to prosper. Previously CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand before moving to London as Worldwide Account Director. Co-Founder of ChannelFlip a video-on-demand channel bought by Elisabeth Murdoch’s Shine Group and Founding shareholder and CMO of Findly, sold to Silicon Valley private-equity giant Symphony Technology Group in 2013.


Anna Lawrence – Partnerships & Sales Director

Anna is passionate about helping small businesses access the right tools to help them grow and prosper by keeping pace with the technology rapidly taking over our world. Previously Communications & Sponsorship Director at Lion Australia and small business consultant. Former Black Sticks Hockey player and Captain (165 caps). Competed in two Olympic Games, two World Cups and part of the bronze-medal winning Commonwealth Games team in 1998.

Charles Clark – Marketing Director

Charles is dedicated to the development and dissemination of Mar Tech, recognising the crucial role it plays in helping businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. After 15 years in marketing and advertising in NZ and London with The Hyperfactory, Essence and GroupM he has returned to NZ while still maintaining an international outlook by providing marketing consultancy to high growth companies in the UK and US with a focus on SaaS.


Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation supported BOMA with R&D funding, which spokesman Hēmi Rolleston said recognised both the company’s potential and its fit with Callaghan Innovation’s mission to help connect businesses to the networks, capability and funding they need to make their ideas happen.

“Today’s announcement is a good example of how local talent like BOMA, with a little help, can develop a next-generation product and take it to the world. New Zealand is becoming recognised as a great laboratory for innovation,” Mr Rolleston, General Manager Sectors for Callaghan Innovation, said.



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