About Us

Why we started BOMA

Marketing a business isn’t easy. It requires significant resources, both internal and external to accomplish. We understand that small business owners are super busy running their businesses so often struggle to find the time to market them effectively.

At BOMA we believe that every business, no matter the size, should have access to leading marketing technology to help support and drive their growth.

So we developed a solution that allows small businesses to focus more on doing what they do best, while giving them the confidence to successfully market their business in today’s digital world.

With backgrounds in corporate communications, advertising agencies, sales and consulting, the founding BOMA team combined their insights into small business with creative technology to create an easy to use solution that allows your business to deliver professional digital marketing campaigns, with minimal effort.

BOMA’s powerful yet simple to use software helps takes the time, cost and complexity out of digital marketing all within a single self-drive marketing app.

BOMA makes it easier than ever to successfully market your business without the need for multiple software subscriptions, additional or specialist staff or extensive creative skills.



How can BOMA help you?

Saves time – BOMA allows customers to create professional looking multi-channel marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes. Reach your customers on Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram  – all from one easy platform.

Saves money – there’s no need to invest in costly design resource, imagery or social media experts. BOMA lets you manage your own campaigns in-house, no specialised marketing talent or external agencies required.

Simple to use – Say goodbye to costly and time consuming design resources. BOMA auto-formats your content and images across selected email and social media channels to ensure your campaign is delivered in the right format for each channel.

Beautiful social posts and emails – BOMA gives you access to a huge free image library to help bring your posts to life and drive engagement with your audience.

Helps grow your business – reach new audiences via engaging paid social ads on Facebook and Instagram and then drive potential customers to your website or branded landing pages.

Aggregated analytics – Insights tell you what’s working and what actions to consider next. BOMA automatically aggregates data from activity across your social platforms and email campaigns so you can easily understand what’s working – from one platform.

Does the hard work for you – If you are an Accountant or Bookkeeper BOMA allows Xero HQ users to leverage an extensive library of expertly written content. Watch this space for additional content and news partners, making it even easier for you to share high-value and engaging content.


Meet the founding team