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The Gap’s practical and proven business development content combined with BOMA’s easy to use digital marketing platform, fast tracks marketing results for accountants. Provide value, attract and engage clients through ‘best business practice’ content.

Work smarter, not harder with BOMA and The Gap.

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Latest Gap Content Available in BOMA

Two of the greatest follow up strategies

Heard of BAMFAM and BAHFAH? Two simple strategies to minimise procrastination, grow sales, leverage time, plan for the things that truly matter, and reduce stress levels.

Social distancing: Running effective online meetings

In unprecedented times, businesses must adapt to remain productive. If face-to-face meetings are a key part of your daily business operation, here are some tips to take your meetings online with minimal disruption.

Developing your business's Covid-19 Prevention and Response Policy

No doubt a lot of important and stressful things are occupying your mind right now. If you’re yet to develop your business’s Covid-19 Prevention and Response Policy to help minimise the impact of infection and isolation for your team and the wider community, we have a complimentary template available for you.

How to increase profit, cashflow and business value

As a business owner, you must understand which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are critical to your business. These are the critical success factors that drive profit, cashflow and business value and are used to measure the efficiency of different business activities.

Measuring customer advocacy with NPS

We’ve all ranted to family and friends about a bad customer experience. Chances are, the worse the experience, the more people we told. Statistics say that on average we tell 20 people about a bad experience but only three when we’ve had a great experience.

The Four Kinds of Seller

We’ve all had a bad salesperson experience. Chances are, we’ve shared that experience with family, on social media, or maybe even left a scathing online review. So, how do you ensure your customers have a great experience and rave about it to everyone? Teach them how to be the right kind of seller.


Build relationships and value with your clients

The Gap defines business development as ‘service that creates enduring value for clients’.

BOMA is simple to use and allows you to achieve professional, branded client communications, without relying on internal time, resource, or inspiration to make it happen.


Moving beyond compliance

Shift your offering beyond compliance and number crunching by engaging your clients with The Gap’s proven business development ideas that connect with your client’s needs – sparking new conversations and business opportunities.


You’re in control

The Gap content library gives Gap members* access to content specifically designed to deliver added value to your clients. You can curate and customise what your clients see to ensure it’s highly relevant, timely and beneficial to them, while positioning your business as a high-value resource.

*The Gap members have access to The Gap Premium library. Non members can access The Gap Freemium library only.


Create beautiful email & social campaigns

With access to a content library packed with great articles which are designed to be shared via email and social media plus access to over 600,000 free images, it’s easier to stay in touch with clients without having to invest time or resource into creating content.


Measure performance

Campaign performance and content engagement insights give you a clear picture of what your clients are most interested in, so you can select targeted, compelling content that continues to resonate and drive value.

Your digital marketing toolkit


Content Library

BOMA’s content library, powered by The Gap, gives Gap partners access to specifically designed business development content that delivers business growth and added value campaigns to your clients.



BOMA brings together all your digital marketing channels into one place. There’s no need to switch between accounts or re-create content – with a few clicks, you can easily create and share content via email and your social channels.


Email Templates

Sending great looking emails is easier than ever. Choose from an array of pre-built email templates or you can also save your own favourite designs to use in future campaigns.


Reach new customers with social ads

Boost your message, grow your audience and promote targeted content or events with Facebook and Instagram ads. Everything you need for publishing and measuring social advertising is in one place.


Branded landing pages

Promoting an event or simply growing your database of new leads? BOMA’s landing pages collect contact details and automatically update your email list. The smart design functionality automatically optimises the pages to work across desktop and mobile.


Free image library

To increase engagement with your content, you need to stand out from the crowd – and that starts with strong imagery. With access to over 600k images in BOMA’s library, you’ll always have the perfect pic at hand.


Multiple User Accounts

Add additional team members to ensure easy collaboration, management and oversight of your BOMA account at no extra cost.


Email and social scheduling

Schedule your email, social posts and social ads to boost your brand presence and engage with your audience at a time that is most relevant to them, and to your business.


Campaign Analytics

BOMA’s performance analytics give you a clear picture of what your audience is engaging with across every channel so you can create compelling content that continues to resonate with them and is delivered to them on their preferred channel.