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The Gap’s practical and proven business development content combined with BOMA’s easy to use digital marketing platform, fast tracks marketing results for accountants. Provide value, attract and engage clients through ‘best business practice’ content.

Work smarter, not harder with BOMA and The Gap.

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Premium Gap Content Available in BOMA

The Gap’s Premium Content has been carefully curated to position specific value-add services that Gap Member firms provide to their clients. The library also includes content pathways – a series of articles on a business challenge or opportunity, culminating in a ‘Call to Action’. Painlessly deliver your Gap event marketing campaigns by combining your Gap content with BOMA’s nifty integration.

If you’re both a BOMA and a Gap user, make sure you unlock this Premium Library.

What do you want from your business?

Temporarily trimming what you take personally from your business will boost your #BusinessRecovery. #ContactUs for our free personal budgeting template to reduce the strain and improve your cashflow as you rebuild #PostCovid

Improve debtor days to help cashflow recovery

#DebtorDays measures how long, on average, your customers take to pay you. Ever feel your customers treat your business like a bank? Especially in times of crisis, you must get paid promptly!

Leading your business recovery

The 4 quadrants of #Leadership are crucial to ensure your #PostCovid #BusinessRecovery. From clarifying your VISION to Leading with ENERGY, ensuring correct FOCUS and providing EMPOWERMENT through feedback and support; what are you doing?

Customer relationships are more important than ever

From turning complaints into sticky customers to fostering community spirit; what strategies will you implement as part of reviewing your Customer Retention Plan? Retention is vital to #PostCovid #BusinessRecovery #WeCanHelp

Maximising your cash reserves

If the #Covid-19 crisis highlighted the inadequacy of the cash reserves in your business, you must implement strategies replenish your reserves and ensure you have enough cash to sustain your business. We can help!

Classic Gap Content Available in BOMA

The Gap’s Classic Content includes a broad range of articles that will appeal to firms who are starting out on their content marketing journey. Accessing this ‘freemium’ content prevents ‘marketing procrastination’, caused by lack of time and inspiration!

Understanding working capital to maintain business success

Cash is oxygen for your business and measuring working capital is your regular health check to keep your business alive; especially in turbulent times. #WeCanHelp identify strategies to increase #WorkingCapital

Your Business Recovery Plan

As restrictions ease and businesses emerge from hibernation we remain in a state of ‘Business Unusual’. So, how do we find a new, sustainable normal? We can help you plan your #BusinessRecovery #ContactUs

Selling with empathy

It’s okay to sell right now. Dial up your empathy and show how your products or services can solve customers’ problems. Be sensitive to unique situations #PostCovid, offering options and flexibility #BusinessRecovery

Your critical numbers

What's your #PostCovid new normal? What's your #BusinessRecovery Plan? How will you know you're on track... and if your plan is actually working? #WeCanHelp you establish your critical numbers; to improve the KPIs that have the biggest impact

Ethical marketing

Right now, ethical marketing is the difference between communicating with authenticity and empathy, and taking advantage of customers through emotive messaging #WeCanHelp reset your Marketing Plan to aid your #BusinessRecovery

What Gap + BOMA users are saying

I used to procrastinate on posting content, as I knew that writing the content was only the first step – I then had to format it for each channel and make sure that I found good pictures and supporting content. It always felt too hard to do, was out of my comfort zone, and as a result our content was always the thing I moved to the bottom of my to do list.

The Gap + BOMA means that I can select the content I want to post, tweak it so it is more in our brand voice and then it goes out. There is no more procrastinating, and I can get a month worth of content done in a very short time. It’s removed the stress I used to feel around this aspect of marketing my business.

Don’t recreate the wheel – The Gap content in BOMA covers all your Business Development content needs. There’s loads of new content every month which you can quickly and effectively post to your blog and social channels. You can’t cost-effectively create this content (I’ve tried and it cost me a lot of time and money). I guarantee that the time you save by using The Gap content and BOMA can be better used working with your clients.

Karen Woller, Thrive Business Accountants


Build relationships and value with your clients

The Gap defines business development as ‘service that creates enduring value for clients’.

BOMA is simple to use and allows you to achieve professional, branded client communications, without relying on internal time, resource, or inspiration to make it happen.


You’re in control

The Gap content library gives Gap members* access to content specifically designed to deliver added value to your clients. You can curate and customise what your clients see to ensure it’s highly relevant, timely and beneficial to them, while positioning your business as a high-value resource.

*The Gap members have access to The Gap Premium library. Non members can access The Gap Freemium library only.