Campaign Analytics


BOMA’s analytics give you the insight you need to make informed decisions with a complete picture of performance.


Know what's working

With a wealth of performance insights, you can better understand your customers, how well your campaigns are resonating with your audience, and where your marketing focus is best directed.

Understand your investment

Targeted marketing campaigns will deliver a better return on investment – but how do you understand where your time and money is best spent?

Have an impact

BOMA’s at-a-glance dashboard provides performance analytics across all marketing channels, so you can see what content is working, and where it’s having the most influence and engagement.

Grow your reach, and your business

With greater insight into your audience, and the content that they love, you know where you need to improve, and where to focus on campaigns that you know will get great results for your business.

I used to pay expensive 3rd parties to create content for me but with Boma all the content is ready to go. This makes it so much easier to engage with my clients via social media and email and even better it has reduced my costs and the time I spend on marketing.

David Garnham, Vision Financial Group, Australia

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