BOMA's Social Media ROI Calculator

For many accountants being active on Social Media can be challenging and  key barriers preventing them from marketing their firm.

BOMA was created to solve this problem.

With a huge content library containing hundreds of ready-to-share advisory and compliance articles that are updated weekly you’ll always have something to share with clients and prospects on social media. This allows you to bring real value to your followers by highlighting issues that may affect their business and sharing insights to help them grow

Work out how much time and money you could save using BOMA

This calculator considers the number of social posts you create each month, the time you spend creating this content, any outsourcing costs involved and the time and money spent on sourcing images. Enter your answers for each question below and it will calculate how much time and money you could save.

How do we calculate your ROI?

The calculations are based on industry data combined with surveys and BOMA usage figures and an average hourly rate of $60 which we use to calculate the amount of time and money you could save by using BOMA.

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