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BOMA’s email template options makes communicating with your customers easy, professional and cost-effective. Best of all, there’s no need for design skills or extra marketing resource.


Create email campaigns with impact

Ensure that every engagement, not only looks great, but is consistent with your brand and communicates your key messages with impact.

Simple, fast, convenient

Select your email theme from our range of customisable templates, specifically designed to help you create visually appealing emails that communicate effectively with your audience.

Templates to suit your message

Whether you want to keep in touch, sell your products or services or share some news, we have templates to help ensure that your message gets noticed.

Beautiful, DIY campaigns

Creating and sending emails no longer has to be a time-consuming task. All the design work is taken care of for you, you simply add your content, and send to your selected database.

Boma is really easy to use!  In a few clicks I can create and send a campaign via email and my social channels. I can reach more people, more easily and get on with my work for clients.

Scott Murray, Tester Porter Services, Australia

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