Helping hands - Why marketing keeps your current clients happ

Build relationships with your clients and drive profitability

It can cost up to 5x as much to attract a new client than to keep an existing one

With this in mind it makes clear the importance of nurturing relationships with your current clients.

BOMA users get access to a content library filled with over 400 ready-to-share articles filled with insightful articles that are timely, relevant and varied ensuring you always be able to share valuable content with your clients that will benefit their business and help make a positive difference.

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The value of cashflow forecasting during a crisis1

A business cash flow forecast will give you vital business intelligence to help you scenario-plan, search for cost-savings and look for strategies that will preserve your cashflow position. 

Blockchain: innovation for businesses

Unsure where #blockchain could benefit your business? Whether it's blockchain or other technological developments, there are a number of tools that can help you run a more efficient and profitable business

Government delivers 2020 Budget 'Rebuilding Together'

This year’s budget is all about jobs and the government is expected to borrow heavily to deliver it. $50 billion is allocated to a Covid-19 recovery plan in a bid to getting the New Zealand economy moving again.

How to increase profit, cashflow and business value

The better you understand your business, the easier it will be to increase your profits and free up your cashflow. 

Remote working: How to get your business ready

In a crisis, we need to think differently. With the right software, systems, and training you'll support your staff and your productivity.

Customer service inspiration

We all know the importance of great customer service, but how exactly can you do it? If you’re looking for inspiration on how to serve shoppers better, these tips and real-life examples can help.

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