Facebook Advertising


Facebook ads, simplified

With BOMA, everything you need for promoting your Facebook posts and growing your audience reach is in one place. Create your ads, set paid social campaigns and see all your engagement insights to better understand what content your audience loves.


Boost your message

Amplify your social media reach and get your content in front of more of the right people. Create your Facebook posts, then kick-off paid social marketing campaigns within your budget, without having to switch platforms.


Grow your audience

By promoting your Facebook content, you’ll reach more of your target customers, increase your social following, start new conversations and create more opportunities for engaging with the right audience for your business.


Promote your product, service, events and giveaways

Increase click-through and boost sign-ups. By targeting your paid posts to a specific audience, you’ll see better results for special events, gated content or targeted campaigns.

Boma helps me easily and regularly connect with my clients via email and social media all in one simple but powerful platform – a great time saver.

Nikki Gilbert, Enrich Accounting, Australia