The 3 biggest marketing and communication challenges for accountants

If you’re struggling to get started or find the time, you’re not alone

Digital marketing runs much deeper than sharing the odd post on your social feed; it’s about intentionally nurturing relationships with your clients, supporting them to navigate business challenges and positioning your firm as the go-to for their accounting and bookkeeping needs. While you probably know all this is essential to take your firm to the next level, it can be hard to find the time or even know how to get started. Between investing in a marketing specialist for your firm and spending valuable (billable) hours learning marketing 101, you need to find a middle ground. Our recent BOMA User Survey showed this was a challenge faced by many accountants.

Here’s a look at what the survey revealed…

Time struggles

With almost 90% of content marketers using blogs as part of their marketing strategy and the average blog post taking just over four hours to write, keeping at the top of your content game is time-consuming. That’s compounded if you suffer from a bout of writer’s block, struggle to get ideas down on paper and also need to deliver on other content marketing essentials like social media and newsletters. It’s almost a full-time job. So, it is no surprise that 37% of our User Survey respondents said that simply finding the time to invest in digital marketing is their biggest challenge. 

Enter BOMA – with a vast content library geared specifically toward accountants and bookkeepers, BOMA makes it easy to support your clients and prospects with a variety of advisory and compliance articles that you can customise or use straight out of the box. BOMA articles are written from the ‘Accountants voice’, so the work is done, but you can customise each article for your firm and your audience.  The user-friendly software allows you to easily schedule posts in advance, employ existing email templates and track how your communication and marketing activity performs. Our users reckon it “cuts down your admin for marketing ten-fold”.


“It’s content marketing without having to do the work myself.” 

BOMA User survey respondent, 2022


Getting started is the (second) hardest part

For accounting and bookkeeping firms, swapping the Excel document for a social post scheduling tool doesn’t always come easily. Often just knowing how and where to get started is a major obstacle. According to our User Survey, almost a third of accountants don’t know where to start when it comes to digital marketing. 

Simply not doing it isn’t an option, because you can be sure your competitors are. Digital marketing is such a huge part of the marketing landscape now that consumers expect businesses to have an active social media presence at the very least, and they rely on digital marketing to learn about your brand.

The good news is that digital marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, and it’s fantastic for levelling the playing field within your industry. BOMA takes the learning curve out of digital marketing and presents you with “plug and go” content tools at your fingertips.


“A very quick and easy-to-use marketing tool for your business. If you don’t know how to blog on LinkedIn or tweet on Twitter, this is the tool for you, as it automatically does it all for you.”

BOMA User survey respondent, 2022


Getting the right content to the right people

A big part of a successful digital marketing strategy is the consistent quality of content you’re delivering. A quarter of our survey respondents struggled when it came to sourcing or producing great content, which can significantly impact the value of your efforts. If the content you’re producing isn’t resonating with your clients and prospects, then it’s not doing its job particularly well. The right content will help with:

  • Support your clients – providing the right advice at the right time helps them thrive and makes you an invaluable business partner
  • Positioning your firm as an industry leader – relevant content builds your authority online and creates trust.
  • Boosting your social offering – content gives you another string to your bow when it comes to posting on social media.
  • Cost efficiency – content marketing, in particular, is one of the most cost-effective strategies for driving results.
  • Driving conversion – content gives you an avenue to connect with your clients and prospects. Providing prospects with consistent, valuable content can help get them across the line sooner.
  • Lead generation – content with calls to action (CTA) can generate new leads or promote action. Content marketing can generate three times the leads at a 62% lower cost than other digital marketing channels.
  • SEO – consistently produced, high-quality content helps with your search rankings.

That’s why we created BOMA. With a vast content library targeted specifically to accountants and bookkeepers, you’ll never have a shortage of things to talk about. And more importantly, it’s content your clients and prospects want to read. From content to templates, scheduling tools and easy to understand analytics, BOMA has everything you need to make a successful digital marketing strategy simple. 


“It provides credible marketing articles, making life easier to keep our name in front of customers and prospects.”

BOMA User survey respondent, 2022



BOMA is the digital marketing toolkit and content library for busy accountants and bookkeepers. With a few clicks, you can easily create your own content, or use articles from BOMA’s huge content library, and share it via email, social media channels and your website. BOMA’s library is a great source of news and information including general business and financial advice, compliance, tax, management, HR and training. This allows you to bring real value to your clients by highlighting issues that may affect their business and sharing insights to help them grow. BOMA allows you to nurture clients with timely advice, giving you a headstart in business mentoring and thought leadership.

Find out how BOMA can help with your digital marketing.