Capturing New Leads or Promoting your Business? Explore the Many Options with BOMA’s Easy Landing Pages

BOMA’s Landing Pages promote your firm’s growth by allowing you to capture new contact details, add them to your contact list and then market to them. Landing pages have lots of applications for your business.

You can capture contact details in a lead generation exercise to grow your business, use your landing page to get registrations for an event you are hosting, or gather sign-ups for a promotional offer.

We look at four examples of how you can use landing pages for your business to reach new prospects or simply strengthen relationships with your existing clients.

Newsletter sign up

Sending a periodic newsletter or regular advisory updates is a great way to showcase your firm’s expertise and build relationships. Widen your reach by growing your list of email contacts. Design a landing page for your newsletter sign-up. You’ll need to collect email, name and perhaps a company name so that you can segment your database for really relevant communications. Make sure you include ‘terms and conditions’. This allows people to opt-in for future emails from you. 

Create a ‘tag’ for this page so you can filter your contact list to find the new subscribers. You can also view who filled out your form in the landing page submissions.

BOMA landing page submissions

Create buttons on emails, your website, and social media pages and connect these to the URL (web address) of your landing page.

Collect Registrations for an Event

Connecting with clients and prospects at an event allows you to show your genuine interest in their success, share valuable insights and advice and inform them of additional services they are not currently taking advantage of. They are also a chance for attendees to meet and network with others. Your event could be a simple breakfast seminar on a niche topic. Promote your event on your website and social media pages with links back to your landing page for registrations. When they have ‘landed’ on your page and filled in the form, you can send details of the event out and follow up with them afterward.

BOMA landing page event registration

Downloadable guides and e-books

Creating a piece of ‘gated’ content is a great way to capture new leads that are interested in that subject matter. You could write a guide on tax for small business or on how to maximise cash-flow. Publish as a downloadable PDF and host on a page on your website that is not visible without the URL. Create your landing page to capture details of people who would like the guide and set the post submit settings to send your prospect to the content page.

Then simply promote your guide across your website and social media accounts.

Promoting your firm

Finally, landing pages can help you capture new leads. When used in conjunction with an ad on Facebook and Instagram, you can use a compelling offer to stimulate enquiry.

Here’s an example:

Bring in new clients by offering one hour of free advice for their small business. Promote the offer via an ad on Facebook and Instagram and use the audience target to define who you want to reach. Think about your ideal audience (you could use existing clients to help build the picture). Interests could include sports, events, lifestyle, hobbies, a business vertical such as fashion or pharmacy, etc.

Use your landing page to capture enquiries about your special offer.

facebook ad to landing page

Landing pages provide endless opportunities for people to join your list. Run an event, promote an exclusive offer, share specialist advice or create a sign-up form for your newsletter.


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