BOMA Content Writing ROI Calculator

How much time and money do you really spend creating content?

Many Accountants & Bookkeepers struggle to produce regular written content such as blogs for their website, articles and insights to include in their newsletters and social posts. For many, as it’s not a billable activity they either outsource it at great expense or do it in house with mixed results. BOMA comes with a huge library of customisable and ready-to-share articles making blog post writing a breeze.


  • Over 400 expertly written ready-to-share articles
  • These articles be shared via your website, email and social media
  • The articles can be edited and customised
  • The content library is updated weekly
  • Covering a wide variety of topics
  • Multiple users free of charge

Work out out how much time and money you could save using BOMA for your blog post writing.

This calculator reflects the potential ROI that you could realise by using BOMA to help with your content production.

Enter your answers for each question below and it will calculate how much you could save.

How do we calculate your ROI?

The calculations are based on industry data combined with surveys and BOMA usage figures and an average hourly rate of $60 which we use to calculate the amount of time and money you could save by using BOMA.


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