Legal Webinar Series – Part 2: How to Market Your Legal Firm on Social Media

Social media marketing can help you grow your law firm and build relationships with clients and prospects. In this webinar join Charles Clark, Co-Founder & Marketing Director at BOMA, Cat Morgan, Sales & Partnership Manger at BOMA, and Rachel Crocket, Regional Digital Sales Manager at NZME, as they discuss real life examples of how social media marketing can help legal firms support and nurture clients and grow their business.

What we cover in this webinar

  • Why you should be using social media
  • What are the different social media networks
  • How to approach and use the different networks
  • What content to use for social posts
  • How to build your following and engage with your audience
  • How to leverage social media to grow your business
  • Understanding social media analytics
  • Plus tips, tricks and real world examples