Top Tips for using BOMA

How does BOMA work?

BOMA makes communicating with your clients and prospects easy and cost-effective. Deliver professional, branded communications for email and social media in a matter of minutes. BOMA helps strengthen relationships and build awareness of your services, expertise and capabilities.

Sending an Email and Social Post Using Content from the Content Library

The BOMA content library has hundreds customisable articles ensuring you’ll always be able to send insightful and interesting emails and social posts to clients and prospects. In this short video we take you through the steps required to send out a multi channel (email and social) campaign using an article from the content library. It’s quick, cost effective and easy.

How to Segment Your Contacts Using Tags for Better Emails

Using tags in your contact list, allows you to easily send super relevant emails to clients and prospects. The result will not only be more engaging, but your emails will be ‘them focussed’ not ‘you focussed’! Here’s how to use tags in your email campaigns.

Writing a Subject line and Preview description in your email campaign in BOMA

Did you know that 35% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line? Try to stay away from obvious titles such as ‘July Newsletter’. In fact, emails including the word ‘newsletter’ in the subject line are less likely to be opened. Instead, choose the most compelling point of the email and create your heading.

Update to Our 'Instant Branded Articles' Feature

You can now edit BOMA’s Instant Branded Articles so you can customise and personalise the content even more – here’s quick video from Cat to show you how.

Creating a Custom Email Template in BOMA

In this Top Tip video we’ll show you how to create your own Custom Email Templates in BOMA. You can create as many templates as you want and use them for all sorts of emails including newsletters, announcements, special offers, seasonal updates and more.

How to Share a Video in BOMA

In this Top Tip we walk you through the steps necessary to share video content via BOMA.

How to share a PDF in BOMA

This Top Tip explains how to attach and share PDF’s inside BOMA emails.

Facebook Ads - Why and What

Facebook advertising is an important way to connect with your audience on the world’s largest social network and in this video we take you through the Why and the What.

Lead Capture Forms - What Are They & How to Build Them in BOMA

Promoting an event or simply growing your database of new leads? BOMA’s lead capture forms collect contact details and automatically update your email list. The smart design functionality automatically optimises the pages to work across desktop and mobile and you can also embed them directly on your website.

Facebook 102 - How to Increase Your Engagement

Engagement has fallen 20% on Facebook pages since 2017 so in this video we give our top tips on how to increase your follower engagement to ensure your posts and messages reach more people.

Facebook 101 - How to Increase Your Followers

Facebook is the worlds largest social network and a fantastic channel to help promote your business. But if no one is following your business page your messages and content won’t be seen.

In this video we give our top tips on how to increase your follower numbers.

Navigating the BOMA Content Library

This Top Tip takes you the BOMA Content Library and explains how to best utilise your content library. Plus advice on how to access BOMA partner libraries and tips on how to filter and search for particular articles within the library.

Adding a 'Call to Action' Button to an Email

This Top Tip walks you through how to add a Call to Action (CTA) button to you email. CTA buttons are great to indicate to the reader what you want them to do next. For example it could be to ‘Read more’ or ‘Contact Us’ etc

Creating an Email Newsletter in BOMA

This Top Tip walks you through the steps to create and send an email newsletter in BOMA. This includes how to use the BOMA email editor or templates to design your email, uploading images and inserting your copy.

Sharing a webpage URL or link in BOMA

Cat’s Top Tips on how to share a web page URL or link in BOMA. This might be a blog post from your own website or from a 3rd party website that you think will be interesting and of value to your audience. You can easily share URL’s or links in BOMA via email and your social networks.

Sharing long form content via a social post

Cat’s top tips on how you can share BOMA’s long form content articles via your social channels in the BOMA platform. This means your audience will be able to read the full article and not be restricted by character limits on social networks.

Segmenting your email database

Cat’s top tips on how to segment your database in BOMA to increase email engagement.

How to deliver an Email to a Segmented Group

Cat’s top tips on how to deliver an email to a segmented group of your email database. This is really useful for selecting a specific grouping in your database in order to send them relevant emails.


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