Tips & Tricks for using BOMA

Top Tips: Sharing a webpage URL or link in BOMA

Cat’s Top Tips on how to share a web page URL or link in BOMA. This might be a blog post from your own website or from a 3rd party website that you think will be interesting and of value to your audience. You can easily share URL’s or links in BOMA via email and your social networks.

Top Tips: Sharing long form content via a social post

Cat’s top tips on how you can share BOMA’s long form content articles via your social channels in the BOMA platform. This means your audience will be able to read the full article and not be restricted by character limits on social networks.

Top Tips: Segmenting your email database

Cat’s top tips on how to segment your database in BOMA to increase email engagement.

Top Tips: How to deliver an Email to a Segmented Group

Cat’s top tips on how to deliver an email to a segmented group of your email database. This is really useful for selecting a specific grouping in your database in order to send them relevant emails.