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BOMA’s huge library with 300+ customisable articles is a great source of news and information including general business and financial advice, compliance, tax, management, HR and training.

This allows you to bring real value to your clients by highlighting issues that may affect their business and sharing insights to help them grow.

BOMA allows you to nurture clients with timely advice, giving you a headstart in business mentoring and thought leadership.

You’re in control, you choose the content

You are the driver of what you create. You can either use the content from the BOMA content library, write your own from scratch or mix and match.


5 Star

“BOMA is an amazing piece of software that can post in multiple locations at once and also provides amazing content. Turns my team of 3 into what looks like a team of 10!”

Stuart Ruddell    JBM & Associates

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