Xero HQ App Partner Boma Announces Massive Update to Their Marketing Platform

Our amazing Xero HQ App partner, Boma, are going full steam ahead, and they’ve just released a host of new features to help make marketing your practice even easier. We reckon all our Boma-using accountants and bookkeepers are going to love it and if you are not on it, give it a try! Here’s some of what’s new since launch – if you’re using Boma’s amazing Xero HQ integration, or you’re just wondering what all the fuss is about, check it out!

Content Library Preview Prior to Send

Boma shows you a preview of the content and how the campaign will look across multiple channels within the content library so you can decide which piece of content is most suitable prior to starting the campaign set-up process.

Scheduling for All Marketing Channels

This feature allows Boma users to plan when marketing campaigns go live. Users can choose whether to send immediately, or plan a post for a future date based on requirements and soon Boma will allow users to schedule posts at different times for different channels.

In time, Boma will offer ‘optimal send functionality’ based on machine learning which will allow you to send content at the time a user is most likely to engage.

External CSV File Upload

You asked, Boma delivered. Boma now allows users to add contacts that are not on Xero HQ to their Boma database. Non-Xero HQ contacts can be uploaded via a CSV file. Boma can import up to 25,000 contacts in a single upload.

Find guides and tips on adding contacts to BOMA here.

External Image Upload

Articles in the Xero Content library come preloaded with an image, but users have the option to choose a different image to accompany the text. In the “media” stage of the campaign set up, users can either upload an image from their computer, or choose from the Boma image library which has over 260,000 free and searchable professional stock images.

Users can also add a text overlay to the image. This is particularly useful for social posts where the image is key to engaging the viewer’s attention.

In-App Support

Within the Boma App, users can access support from the Help menu item which offers answers to frequently asked questions, video tutorials plus access to helpful resources which cover a range of topics relating to marketing for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

Boma is also connected to Zendesk. Users can type a question into the Help button to receive answers relating to that topic.

Improved Contact Management

Among other improved features, users can now add tags to contacts in Boma to allow for filtering and segmentation which allows for greater campaign personalisation .

Features Coming in Next Few Weeks:

Email Templates

New preloaded email templates featuring the ability for a user to add multiple pieces of content, links and multiple images to an EDM.

Email editor

Boma is making further improvements to their email editor such as additional drag and drop features to streamline the email creation process.

That’s it for now, but we look forward to sharing new Boma features with you again soon! If you’ve got any feedback or questions about how Boma is working for you, check out their FAQs page or get in touch with their team. If you’d like to talk to us about how Boma is working with Xero HQ, drop us a comment below. Thanks!

Article by Guy Alexander – see more here