What is BOMA? Digital Marketing Made Easy

BOMA is a marketing platform for professional service firms and small businesses allowing them to easily manage multiple marketing channels in one place. BOMA makes customer engagement simple and helps businesses to:

  • Reach new audiences
  • Engage with and nurture existing clients/customers
  • Achieve business marketing goals
  • Save time and money and do more of what works!

Founded in 2016, BOMA was designed to take the complexity out of digital marketing and was developed in response to a gap in the marketplace. Many online marketing tools, available to business owners, require specialist skills in design or marketing and while there are a number of options out there, some are email-centric (they don’t post to social media channels) or they only do social (and don’t send emails).

BOMA gives you Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn in one easy-to-use platform. Design once and BOMA automatically reformats for the channels you choose.


Who is it for?

BOMA was designed for professional service firms and small businesses.

The internet has become the first port of call now when people search for a product or service. Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online before visiting or making a purchase. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second. And social media has also become a mainstream marketing channel, with 96% of small businesses saying that they use social media in their marketing strategy. This means that if you are not already building your brand presence online and engaging with your audience on social media you are missing an opportunity that competing businesses may be taking advantage of.

For professional services firms, there is added pressure to differentiate via thought leadership by regularly sharing articles and valuable insight online.

BOMA provides businesses with a self-drive tool that takes the time, cost and complexity out of digital marketing. And all you need to get started is a logo!

Popular Features

Multichannel – BOMA allows you to send emails, post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as create social ads on Facebook and Instagram

Automatically formatted – You choose the channels and BOMA reformats your text and images to fit, no matter where your audience engages with it

Saves you time  – You can create and publish a multi-channel campaign in minutes

Free Images – The BOMA image library contains over 600,000 free high-resolution images. Simply type in a search term and choose an image. BOMA makes sure it is formatted to fit the channel(s) you publish it on

Email Templates – Choose from a library of beautifully designed templates, so that every engagement looks beautiful and is consistent with your brand

Creating campaigns from your blog post or an online article – Paste the web address of your blog or an online article into BOMA and the platform creates a ready-made campaign for email or social media

Facebook and Instagram ads – Boost your message, grow your audience and promote services or events easily with socials ads. It’s never been simpler to find and target new audiences

New Lead Capture – BOMA’s landing pages can be customised to collect the information you require and automatically update your contact list

Campaign Schedule – Choose the time for your campaign based on your audience and your business

Campaign insights – Easy analytics across every channel show you how your campaign performed. You can track email open rates and clicks as well as engagement on your social post (clicks shares, retweets, likes and comments). Look at what worked well and do more of the same!

Permission Based Marketing – BOMA ensures your marketing complies with privacy rules including GDPR. Every email includes an unsubscribe links and BOMA’s landing pages include a user permission checkbox

So much functionality in one easy-to-use platform!

BOMA also partners with Xero to provide Accountants and Bookkeepers with a huge library of content to choose from. The content library covers a huge variety of topics that are great for sending to your clients and it’s a great resource to help kick-start a content marketing campaign.

BOMA helps businesses achieve their goals of growing revenue through acquiring new or nurturing existing customers.

And if you are wondering why we are called BOMA…The word comes from Africa, describing an enclosure for livestock where people gather around a fire to share stories. In modern terms, it also describes a social hub or a place where people go to meet. BOMA is also the name of a restaurant in London, where discussions over dinner resulted in the idea for a business tool – A tool that takes time, cost and complexity out of digital marketing.


To find out how BOMA can help you in your business, visit our website or start a free trial.