Off to Xerocon? Use it to Grow your Social Media Following

Events like Xerocon, conferences and industry events offer a great opportunity for marketing your firm. With increased chatter and talk online around a big event, now’s your chance to get involved, get posting and grow your fans and followers.

Here’s a how-to guide on easy ways to build fans and followers around an event:

Before the event

  1. Let people know you are going and what this means to you. Share this as a Facebook post, write a blog for your website or a post to your social accounts about the event and what you are looking forward to. While this event may be specific to your industry – your attendance demonstrates your ongoing commitment to staying abreast and ahead of new trends for the benefit of your clients and customers.
  2. Tag colleagues or friends on your social post that you know are also going, this will not only help you network but also increase the virality of your post.
  3. Find out who is speaking at the event and follow them on their social media pages. Comment on one of their recent posts or share it on your timeline.
  4. Check out Twitter for what’s trending for content ideas
  5. Use the hashtags for the event so that you are easily found by people following the thread.

At the event

  1. Take photos – Images always get higher engagement on social media. Take pictures of you and your team at the event and use them to illustrate the story you are telling. It could an insight from the event (with a picture from a presentation), a piece of news or share something fun and entertaining – your third coffee of the day or the crazy buzz of one of the many networking events.
  2. Check out what’s happening on Twitter and retweet it with a comment of your own.
  3. Be responsive – With your increased social activity, make sure you to keep an eye on your feeds so you can respond to any queries or comments.
  4. Give your opinion on the topics being discussed at the event.
  5. Share a video  – of you and your team talking about the event or your take on a guest speaker or the industry as a whole.

After the event

  1. Make connections on LinkedIn with the people you met.
  2. Write a wrap up of the main themes – Events are a great source of content to share with your clients and customers. Think about how you can use this new inspiration to help them.
  3. Join the industry talk on LinkedIn.
  4. Join social media groups – keep the learning going and grow connections.
  5. Write a blog on a new idea you heard at the event, talk about the new learnings your team gained and why it matters for your audience.
  6. Send a newsletter – including event news and key insights
  7. Follow the exhibitors on their social channels.


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