NZ Marketing Software Startup ‘Boma’ Launches Today Today Announcing Partnership with Xero

Boma Marketing Launches the Next Generation Marketing Software Startup

New Zealand software start up Boma, has created an application which  takes the guesswork out of digital marketing by allowing business owners to easily create and distribute their marketing messages without the need for creative or marketing skills.  

Former Saatchi CEO, Ian Christie, founded Boma with fellow Kiwis, former Olympian  Anna Lawrence and Charles Clark after seeing a gap in the market for a product giving small businesses access to technology previously the preserve of large marketing teams with big budgets.

Partnership with Xero

Xero immediately saw the benefit Boma could bring to it’s clients and asked Christie and his team to develop a bespoke model for them.

Xero’s Chief Partner Officer Anna Curzon said, “With this new partnership, its never been easier for accountants and bookkeepers to advise and educate their small business clients with highly relevant, timely, and thoughtful information and videos. With Boma, Xero accounting and bookkeeping partners are now able to reach their new and existing clients through social media and email, efficiently and at scale, with personalised Xero content to help them build even stronger relationships with their clients.”

As Christie explains, “When accountants and book-keepers are connected to Xero, Boma unlocks a library of purpose-built marketing content, designed and delivered by Xero.

Boma will save Xero’s partners an enormous amount of time by providing content for them they can personalise and re-distribute easily”.

“Digital marketing requires very specific skill sets which many businesses don’t have, as well as being expensive, hard to measure and analyse. We identified the need for a cost-effective, cloud-based, marketing solution which enables e-commerce and digital marketing to work together,” Christie says.

Co-founder, former Olympian and Black Sticks Hockey captain Anna Lawrence says many  businesses are challenged by digital marketing. “They know they need to do it, but either don’t have the time or they often don’t know what’s working and what’s not. Boma makes it super easy to create, distribute and analyse multi-channel marketing campaigns which can only help businesses grow and save time,” Lawrence says.

Global Launch Dates

Boma is excited to launch with Xero at the XeroCon events in Melbourne (September), London (October) and Austin, Texas (December) this year. Boma will be rolled out to businesses of all sizes, globally, during that time.

Callaghan Innovation supported Boma with R&D funding, which spokesman Hēmi Rolleston said recognised both the company’s potential and its fit with Callaghan Innovation’s mission to help connect businesses to the networks, capability and funding they need to make their ideas happen.

“Today’s announcement is a good example of how local talent like Boma, with a little help, can develop a next-generation product and take it to the world. New Zealand is becoming recognised as a great laboratory for innovation,” Mr Rolleston, General Manager Sectors for Callaghan Innovation, said.


Boma is a self-drive marketing platform that helps small businesses take the time, risk and complexity out of digital marketing. Making the best marketing-software tools available and affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes .

  • Truly automated marketing across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter  and email for advertising and content delivery.
  • Creates themed content effortlessly with smart formatting.
  • Knows your audience, creating rich customer profiles, segments, activity streams.
  • Builds performance insights with actionable analytics