Being Human at Heart – Xerocon Brisbane 2018

At Xerocon over 3,700 attendees listened to some amazing keynote speakers who addressed the changing environment we all live and work in. Gill Hicks, a London bombings survivor talked about the power of our thoughts and what is on the other side of fear. Genevieve Bell, Director of the 3A Institute told attendees that humans must be at the core of new technology and Mark Manson talked about finding happiness by focusing on what matters.

Attendees also listened to talks from the Xero team, Steve Vamos, Herman Man, Rachael Powell and Trent Innes.

In the exhibit hall at stand 9, the BOMA team listened to accountants and bookkeepers. For BOMA, Xerocon is an opportunity to talk face-to-face with our customers and to those who want to find out more. Over the two days, we had great conversations with attendees about their businesses, the problems they would like to solve and the barriers to solving them.

One of the most common things we heard when we started talking about communication and marketing was ‘I don’t have time for marketing’. Accountants and bookkeepers are under increasing pressure to go beyond the numbers to offer insight and share advisory commentary or information. But there are only so many hours in the week.

We think the problem is two-fold. Marketing and communications via email and social media does take time but, in addition, the time a business owner has put aside for marketing is often spent working out ‘where do I start?’

BOMA was designed to solve both. The platform allows users to send a campaign to multiple channels in minutes – Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, plus Facebook and Instagram ads are all from one platform. BOMA also gives users to a library of over 600,000 free images to use and they are formatted for whichever channel they appear on. All of this saves hours of time, taking away complexity and the need for specialist design skills.

But BOMA also solves the problem of ‘where do I start?’. BOMA gives users access to a library of articles, expertly written and updated weekly to provide the starting point for your communication.

The theme ‘Being Human at Heart’ at Xerocon is a timely response to the increasingly digital world we all grapple with. The unprecedented scale and pace of change require us to be constant learners. Having the tools to support you, helps you to get on with your core business and gives you more time to ‘be human’ and spend time with clients.

Being human was not something we needed to be reminded of after a long day at Xerocon – Not because we were tired (we were!) but because of how energised we felt from making connections and listening to our community.

Thanks Xerocon.



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