Steeped in Tradition, Focussed on the Future – Tester Porter

Tester Porter is steeped in history, providing financial services in NSW, for over 100 years. But, while they have been around for a while, they are firmly focussed on the future. The firm’s client base includes many rural, retail and SME’s and they enjoy particular success with businesses “that are ready to adopt the cloud, to make things easier with their business.”

For Tester Porter, state of the art software, has allowed them to provide more just than “good, old-fashioned service”. Tester Porter has enjoyed ongoing success, and as a Xero Gold Partner, they are committed to giving clients access to modern solutions to manage their financials.

Scott Murray has been a Partner at Tester Porter since 2008 and has a wide experience in Rural, Business, Personal, and General Accounting. His clients benefit from his dynamic approach and knowledge of IT systems to make account keeping easier, plus his ability to adapt to client’s individually and provide support in that area. Scott is also a Certified Xero Advisor with many years of experience with Xero software.

As both the company director and a competitive runner, Scott’s days are always busy. At work, he is focused on building relationships across a diverse client base and providing solutions that drive greater efficiencies and improved financial results.

With limited time available to dedicate to marketing, Tester Porter was looking for a technology-based solution that was easy-to-use and would make the time spent on marketing more effective and efficient.

Nurture, Educate, Inform

“We like to make things better in our clients’ business. Marketing is not necessarily about getting more clients for us, it’s more about nurturing and educating existing clients for growth. We were looking for something that is easy-to-use and with all the tools in one place.”

Driving marketing efficiency with BOMA

Scott started using BOMA in early 2018. At the time they were sending newsletters and had some marketing activity in newspapers and radio but were not using social media to engage with clients and prospects.

Using BOMA’s ready-to-share articles in the content library and email templates have slashed the time Scott spends on marketing every month. “BOMA’s time-saving features mean I have been able to send two or three newsletters per month rather than just one, as well as introducing regular social media activity for the first time.”

A key objective for Tester Porter is ensuring their clients are kept up to date with trending news while also receiving valuable business advice. But finding the time to create this content was too time-consuming. “Prior to BOMA, I would spend 1-2 hrs at a time researching content. That’s now gone down to 15mins – that’s the time to have a cup of coffee.”

As an example, “Single touch payroll has been a big focus for us. I was reviewing some new legislation getting passed in support and just jumped into BOMA to find a relevant article from Xero in the BOMA library. I shot it out straight away because it was timely and it created a connection straight away, people came back to us and started getting engaged.”

As well as time-saving, Scott found the campaign creation and performance analysis easy.
“I loved how the setup is intuitive especially suggesting brand colours to use for my email templates. Previously, the hardest thing for us was getting emails looking nice. Creating and formatting our own email templates was a challenge but BOMA’s email templates made it really easy and the analytics help us understand what’s working and what’s not.”

Setting up for Continued Growth

With BOMA, Tester Porter has been able to meet the challenges of developing their marketing, with marked improvements in client engagement, while saving time.

“We have seen a large increase in client engagement and response since using BOMA. I often receive an email from a client in response to our monthly newsletter saying, ‘that’s great content thanks for that’.
BOMA has generated phone calls, two-way communication, a greater client relationship and increased subscribers to our email database and followers on social media.”

Tester Porter has a century of accounting experience and remain committed to providing top quality financial services. BOMA has allowed the firm to save time and do more to engage with clients and assist them – which sets Tester Porter up for ongoing growth.