Five Accounting Firms, One Tool, Greater Engagement

BOMA does the heavy lifting so you can focus on your clients

There’s been an undeniable shift in the accounting industry. While the fundamental concepts arguably remain the same, technology has introduced unlimited opportunities – everything from cloud-based systems and tools to digital marketing strategies.

We spoke to five accounting firms – ranging from one-woman shows to teams of 20 – about their digital marketing, and how using BOMA has helped them support their clients.

Using smart tools to maximise efficiency

Sharon Crocombe-Woodward from CW Accountants has many years’ experience in accounting, but before starting her own business, she had very little marketing know-how. She’s a sole trader, so her time is worth every penny – and marketing isn’t something you can charge for, she says.

“Starting with a tool like BOMA is helping me put the foundations in place. I can get things out quickly and easily which helps me grow my advisory business.”

Shortly after Sharon started using BOMA, she saw increased engagement on her social media posts.

“It’s helpful having Facebook and LinkedIn in one place along with the content. I can use one article for LinkedIn and then access another resource for Facebook,” she says.

Nurturing and educating existing clients

Marketing isn’t always about attracting new leads – sometimes it’s about taking care of existing clients. Scott Murray from Tester Porter says BOMA’s ready-to-share articles and email templates allow him to engage with his clients more frequently – and the quality is consistently high.

“I’m able to send two or three newsletters per month – rather than just one – as well as introducing regular social media activity.”

Jo Doye from Alluvia Financial dreaded sending out her firm’s newsletters. But she also knew it was a missed opportunity. They now use BOMA to share articles and guides with clients instead.

“The content library gives you so many options to discuss with clients each week and the Facebook ads let you quickly and easily connect with your audience,” she says.


Alluvia financial team photo


Building relationships to grow the business

Widening your network of clients and peers is critical for any growing business. Kelly Portelli from Inspire Accounting & Business Services explains that streamlining their marketing activity saves the partners a lot of the “heavy lifting” involved with securing new work.

Woottons Chartered Accountants have had their doors open for 60 years, and recently identified a new growth area for the firm. “We wanted to be sure that we can communicate with clients and prospects, no matter what channel they prefer to use. BOMA has helped us achieve this,” says Luke Sawyer.


Inspire Team photo


Branching out into social media

For many established firms like Woottons, social media is uncharted territory. BOMA’s huge content library of hundreds of articles, curated specifically for accountants and bookkeepers, has given the firm confidence to adapt and evolve.

The library covers all types of content, from business strategy and compliance to tax reminders, market trends, and news articles. Then there’s the Image Library with over 5 million free images, to help you repurpose the content for your social media channels.

“We had been reluctant to create Facebook and Twitter accounts because of the extra work required to maintain each channel, but BOMA pushes the campaigns we create for email out to our social pages too,” Luke says.

Kelly adds that a strong social presence has been key to their firm connecting with new audiences in a less formal, more personal setting.

“With regular, multi-channel campaigns…we are reaping the rewards of greater engagement. It’s helped us stay relevant and top of mind in a fast-paced and evolving business environment,” she says.


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Added value – keeping on top of trends

Accountants and bookkeepers are in the business of making life easier for their clients. While that means providing valuable business advice and accounting services, it’s also about keeping them updated with trending news. Creating that type of content requires time and effort that many firms don’t have.

“I was reviewing some new legislation getting passed in support of single tough payroll, and just jumped into BOMA to find a relevant article. I shot it out straight away because it was timely, and it created a connection straight away,” Scott says.

The all-in-one digital marketing tool for accountants and bookkeepers

BOMA combines email and social media marketing with a huge library of articles, making it easy to share great content with your clients and prospective customers. It streamlines your digital marketing and makes communicating with your clients simple. That way, you can focus on what you do best: supporting your clients and growing your business.

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