Marketing Advisory Services and Business Growth – Woottons Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountancy Firm, Woottons has been around for a few years. In fact the doors opened over 60 years ago and as the accounting industry has changed, Woottons have worked hard to adapt and evolve in order to continue to provide clients with the best guidance and advisory services.

Woottons prides itself on the relationships with clients, some of which have been with the firm for over 50 years. The firm was looking for ways to further support these clients by regularly sharing useful advisory content.

Luke Sawyer explains ‘Woottons has been around for some time and we realised that to continue to grow and stay relevant we needed to communicate with our clients across the breadth of our expertise, but in our early efforts, the time spent writing and formatting great content was taking us away from our critical core tasks’.

Marketing had always been on the busy firm’s ‘to-do’ list, not only as a way to add value and communicate efficiently with their existing client base but for client growth also. The firm are seeing new work coming in for self-managed super fund clients and identified this new client base as a growth area for the firm. Woottons wanted to build awareness in the local area with an audience that is often unfamiliar with accounting.  

Luke says, ‘In the past we hadn’t done much digital marketing (just the odd email), It was often a very labour intensive process to make sure that the message we wanted to send, looked professional and would be delivered and displayed in the way that we intended.’

The BOMA team first met Luke at Xerocon Melbourne 2017 and he immediately saw the benefits of a platform which brings multiple communication channels together including Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. This means that emails, social posts and ads can be created easily from one place and distributed with a couple of clicks. BOMA’s intuitive platform delivers a campaign to the right channel in the right format.

‘BOMA was exactly what a firm like ours was looking for. At Woottons we want to be sure that we can communicate with clients and prospects, no matter what channel they prefer to use, BOMA has helped us achieve this.’  

Users also gain access to a library of articles in BOMA, that can be used to create an email or a social post. The articles are curated specifically for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

‘Being able to choose the content is a great time saver, it really only takes minutes to push something out to our different channels‘

And for Woottons, the content library has given them the confidence to start posting on social media. Every communication looks professional and is consistent with the Woottons’ brand.

‘We had been reluctant to create Facebook and Twitter accounts because of the extra work required to maintain each channel but BOMA pushes the campaign that we create for email, out to our social pages too and it’s formatted correctly. It’s an effective marketing tool that is easy to use.’

Woottons are embracing the ability to support and share insights with their client community through BOMA. We reckon the business is well placed to continue thriving for the next 60 years.



BOMA is a marketing tool for Business Advisors. Communicate with clients and prospects with ease from one platform. BOMA gives you expertly written advisory articles and free images so you can create emails, newsletters and social posts in minutes.

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