Empowering Business with the Right Tools – CW Chartered Accountants Ltd

After thirty years working with small and medium sized businesses, chartered accountant, Sharon Crocombe-Woodward became concerned that many business owners did not understand the financial statements or tax returns, prepared by their chartered accountant.

Sharon saw an opportunity to empower business owners by assisting them with the right technology, and give them a greater depth of knowledge on their business finances so they could make informed decisions. In 2017, she founded CW Chartered Accountants Limited with a vision to empower business owners with greater understanding for self-management.

Sharon established the firm with the following goals:

  1. To work as passionate professionals together with clients on their business
  2. To provide a link to trusted advisors
  3. To empower entrepreneurs by implementing client focused technology

“It’s about giving my clients the control back. We like to make things better in our clients’ business by helping them understand their accounts, plus we try to fit people with others that can help them”


Sharon’s experience in business advisory has been extensive but prior to starting her own business, she had not been involved in marketing.

“In my former role, the company was running at max capacity. We didn’t do marketing apart from odd newsletter, using a paid content service, and we mostly relied on word of mouth as the owner was a well known figure in the community.”

For CW Accountants, Sharon was looking for a marketing solution to help grow her new client base, but also to make sharing advisory information with clients less time consuming.

BOMA means I’m starting with a tool that sets the scene to support my growth, it’s putting the foundations in place. I can get things out quickly and easily which helps me grow my advisory business”

Removing the time, cost and complexity from digital marketing

Sharon uses BOMA to save time on creating content to support small business owner clients and estimates it saves her at least 6 hours per month, which as a sole operator/trader is worth every penny.

BOMA provides content that is up-to-date and this enables me to know what’s important in the market. I didn’t have access to that previously. The content library saves me time in between curating my own content posts, plus it gives me diversity of content. The library article – ‘5 ways to save time with job forecasting software’ resonated really well with my clients and helps to support my business’s positioning of driving greater efficiencies for my clients.”

As a result of her campaigns, she has started seeing increased engagement on social media posts with both BOMA content and her own articles.

“It’s very helpful having Facebook and LinkedIn in one place along with the content. I can use one article for LinkedIn and then access another resource for Facebook. The ‘profit vs cash’ article wasn’t ideal for my LinkedIn contacts, but well suited to my followers on Facebook”. 


Looking to the future for CW Accountants

While Sharon works to empower her clients with a greater depth of knowledge and new skills, she has found that BOMA has helped to grow her own skill-set in digital marketing.

The platform enables me to go at my own pace, and has the capability to grow as I grow. And, when I’m ready to expand to other channels and do advertising or email, I can also do this through BOMA.

The platform makes it easy and saves me money by being able to do it myself.  At the beginning, the customer support team would email me, so I knew support was available. 

BOMA has enabled me to look professional. So important to me, especially when starting out as I don’t have a lot of money and time to spend.”