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Accountants are sometimes  seen as  being focused only on financial statements and tax returns, but what most people want is an accountant who understands their business – and can help them perform better. 

It’s an ethos that Compass Business Partners have stood by since rebranding in April 2013. Five years later, the firm expanded its team by merging with another local firm, bringing additional experience and depth to its rural accounting and business advisory capabilities. 

Today, the firm is a one-stop shop for all its clients’ business needs. They liaise with all key stakeholders (think solicitor, financial planner, banker), to ensure their client’s business and life goals are realised. 

Short on time, lacking measurable results

The firm has a long-standing reputation for its commitment to clients, and this often means there’s little time left to spend on things like marketing. 

“We like to spend as little as we can on marketing,” says Compass BP Partner Tanya Flett. “It’s more about brand awareness and getting our name out in the community, rather than results-driven marketing. We’re trying a change of focus on how we market this year – being more specific with our clients.”

But there was a problem. The firm was spending too much time on creating content to share with  clients, and in the world of business, time is money. 

“BOMA has solved the time factor that I had to put into writing those articles. Even if we draft it and outsource it to make it look pretty, we were still having to go through and edit it again. BOMA creates all the content for us – all I have to do is make it look pretty.”


BOMA exceeds expectations

Tanya was invited to a Gap webinar where BOMA was being demonstrated. Straight away, it was right up her alley and as a company that embraces technology she took the opportunity to “have a play and see what the results were.”

“I went in to do a Facebook post and it was so easy and efficient – and we were paying marketers a lot to do that.”

It exceeded her expectations – and Tanya admits that doesn’t happen often. 

“Sometimes, when something is waved at me I think, ‘This is amazing’, but then it doesn’t live up to the expectations I was hoping for. But with BOMA, especially given the current situation with COVID, the content they had was great.”

Getting to know clients better using premium BOMA integrations

BOMA allows you to achieve professional, branded client communications without having to rely on internal time, resource or inspiration to make it happen. 

Combine that with a  content integration with partners like The Gap and Wolters Kluwer CCH, and you’ve got curated and insightful content that you can quickly and seamlessly share with your clients. 

What’s more, as Tanya points out, BOMA not only makes sharing content easier, but it also helps you narrow in on what your clients find most engaging – so you can give them more of what they want. 

“I’ve done a lot of different things like changing images. It’s quite interesting to see what grabs people’s attention, and it’s often a cute wee kid rather than a picture of money.”

The platform also gives the Compass BP team more confidence in their marketing and communication activity.  

“The statistics BOMA offers – who has visited our website and clicked on what – are really great. Often, the other partners would ask what we’d got back from the money we had spent, and most of the time it was nothing. 

“Now I can say we’ve got this many more Facebook followers or we’ve seen this much engagement from the newsletter.” 

More control leads to better engagement

On top of the time saved, Tanya says they have “more control over the whole process.” She has any newsletter replies coming directly to her, and because she’s spending fewer hours crafting content, she can put aside time to respond. The result? More engaged, happy clients!

Overall, she says, the platform is very user-friendly and once you figure out where everything is, “it’s straightforward”. For the Compass BP team, that’s the cherry on top, and means it can get back to doing what it does best – getting to know clients, their businesses, and what they’re trying to achieve.


Compass BP + BOMA: sharing the best content

  • Less time spent creating content, more time engaging in meaningful conversations with clients 
  • Digital marketing platform: content can easily be customised to be on-brand 
  • Visibility of reporting gives partners confidence their content marketing strategy is working.



BOMA is a marketing tool for accountants and bookkeepers to communicate and support clients and prospects with ease from one platform. BOMA gives you expertly written advisory articles and millions of free images so you can create emails, social posts and blogs posts in minutes.  Nothing comes close to BOMA for marketing your firm.  

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