“BOMA Plays an Integral Role in our Marketing” – Inspire Accounting & Business Services

Though founded in 2015, the Inspire Accounting & Business Services team has worked together for the last 15 years and this young business is proud to carry a combined 50 years’ experience in taxation, business advice and succession planning. 

Inspire’s focus is on giving their clients strategies to improve profits, whether they are starting out, growing or existing. They recognise that building key relationships among other professionals in Queensland is an essential part of the process. It ensures they have all the right contacts to round out their knowledge and ultimately provide better outcomes for their clients.

Inspire were looking for a marketing solution that enabled them to build their network, engage with clients and industry leaders, to grow their business. Gary West, Owner and Director of Inspire, saw BOMA as a great solution that could help centralise and streamline their marketing activity. 


Inspire Team photo

Communicate, Educate, Grow 

Inspire’s Marketing Coordinator, Kelly Portelli, has a very specific brief that informs her marketing activity. Her key KPI’s are focused on “communicating to existing clients, educating them about our services and getting new business.”

Before using BOMA, Inspire’s marketing activity relied on the partners having time to research and write content. As a result, marketing activities were limited to ad hoc activity on Facebook, occasional TV ads and sporadic emails, if there was a specific event or news to promote. 


Streamlining Marketing Activity with BOMA

According to Kelly “getting started was easy.” BOMA’s multi-channel functionality means she can “use the same platform to send our newsletter as well as doing social media activity.”

Inspire’s bi-monthly newsletter has a number of objectives. It not only serves to connect Inspire with local businesses, but also helps them reach new clients while nurturing existing clients. 

BOMA has also enabled Inspire to create a strong social presence across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. This has played a key role in connecting them with current clients and new audiences in a less formal, more personal setting.

Kelly now uses BOMA to help “activate all their marketing touch points in order to drive new business” – without partners needing to do the heavy lifting.

“BOMA plays an integral role in our marketing strategy. We can not only nurture our existing clients but also reach out and engage new clients. BOMA contributes to this as we can access email and various social channels as well as advertising via social media.”

Reaping the Rewards of Greater Engagement

Kelly has used BOMA to build on and expand her own marketing skills and revolutionise the company’s marketing approach while meeting her performance KPI’s. 

“We’ve learnt it takes time to grow and get new business. Using BOMA for multi-channel campaigns along with the amazing content that’s ready-to-share has enabled us to move from infrequent and ad hoc communications to regular newsletters and social posts, which look professional and are easy to create. We are reaping the rewards of greater engagement. Clients even ask when we send out our newsletter, who are you using for that?”

BOMA has helped Inspire to stay relevant and top of mind amongst clients, prospects and industry leaders in a fast paced and evolving business environment.