Marketing, content and expertise in one place

Online marketing isn’t simple. Many business owners think they can manage it on their own, but quickly become overwhelmed by frequent posting, maintaining a consistent tone of voice and creating fresh, engaging content. This is particularly true for accountants and bookkeepers: because their jobs are so busy in general, adding another weekly task can push things to the limit. 

Some business owners spend way too much time on marketing and neglect what makes their business tick – while others let it fall into the too-hard basket, slowing down posts and eventually ignoring the issue altogether. Neither option is great for your business. 

Far better: using proven tools and pre-written content to make online marketing simple – without missing out on quality. And that’s where BOMA comes in. 

All your digital marketing tools in one place 

With BOMA’s huge content library, free images, social and email campaigns, blog posts, Facebook and Instagram ads – online marketing involves more elements and moving parts than you might imagine. With BOMA, you get all these parts in a functional package ready for you to customise. Better yet, it’s all specifically designed for accountants and bookkeepers, so you know it’s relevant to your business. 



Marketing in minutes 

When you’re ready to write a social post or send out an email, you have all the tools to hand. Email templates let you send consistently formatted, professional-looking marketing emails or newsletters, and simple analytics let you assess the performance of your campaigns after the fact. 

Access all your social media through our platform, making cohesive social posting simple. Rather than switching between platforms and resizing images to fit different formats, everything can be posted from your BOMA account. You can set up a social campaign that covers Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in just a few clicks, using pre-built templates customised with your branding. 

If you need to grow your database and collect client details, you can also create lead capture forms and embed them natively on your website and include them in your email and social posts. 

Customised content 

Content sets us apart from other marketing tools. Our free content library, with over 300 industry-specific articles, lets you share valuable insights with your followers – without the need to write content yourself. You can also customise articles to fit your business and use them as blog posts on your website. 

The content library can help guide your posts. Browse for interesting articles, use them as thought-starters for your newsletters or social posts then link to the article in your content. 

Our free photo library offers similar ease of use. Browse through 3.7 million+ images and pick the one that best suits your post. It’s all free to our users so you don’t need to worry about violating copyright or crediting images.  



Stress-free online marketing

BOMA is designed to remove the stress and energy involved with your online marketing – letting you do it all through a single, accessible, intuitive platform. 

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