The Best Xero HQ Apps for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Accounting and bookkeeping are all about managing data, so it’s no surprise that technological advances and cloud systems are being designed for, and adopted by, practices all over the world.

But which apps will really make a difference to productivity and success for your accounting firm? Xero are already connected to 500 apps but with their new Xero HQ platform, Xero offers full integration with the best of breed apps for accountants and bookkeepers.

Here’s a short list of the Apps you should be using…


Management reports and financial reporting are clear, easy and appealing with Fathom. It will integrate, analyse and report on your data efficiently, creating attractive and digestible dashboards and presentations. Your financial analysis, reporting, benchmarking and consolidation are taken care off enabling you to assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities.


The forecasting and reporting tool that gives you cash flow forecasting, KPI dashboards, PDF reporting, white labeling, scenario modelling, business planning and more. Futrli want to future-proof your business and give you confidence in where you’re headed from a thorough understanding of where you are and helping to measure performance. Printed reports and online dashboards are at your fingertips. Futrli also provides an industry-approved business advisor certification program.


For NZ and Australia accounting practices, NowInfinity plugs you straight into a comprehensive library of legal-reviewed accounting and tax documents. The cloud-based platform  for documentation and corporate compliance is integrated with government services/agencies including ASIC, ABR and the NZ Companies office. Create, collaborate and manage client entities with ease.

Practice Ignition

Workflow and payment management, ie actually getting paid, can be challenging. Practice Ignition will handle secure client payments to help manage cash flow as well as producing smart proposals, managing scope, process and compliance. Thousands of accountants and bookkeepers are already benefiting from digitally signed proposals to onboard clients, process their payments, automatically raise invoices and deploy workflows.


Receipt Bank

All the receipt information you need with the click of a smart phone. Receipt Bank saves time, cuts data entry and leaves you free to handle more clients and improve your service. Client data flows seamlessly to Xero and a secure, compliant archive. Foreign currency support and sms notifications keep you on top of all your client’s invoices and expenses.


Cloud-based, integrated reporting and forecasting designed by accountants for accountants. Spotlight imports financial and non-financial data, making it easy for you to share with and advise clients while scaling across the business, sharing templates and data. Helping you work smarter, not harder.


Making it simple to store, manage, control and backup your files on the cloud, SuiteFiles is also integrated with your favourite Office 365 and Xero HQ functionality, you can even drag and drop from Outlook. Searches and staff collaboration on documents are easy at your desk or from your smartphone.


We are really proud to partner with Xero and excited to have developed a bespoke self-drive marketing platform for Xero users. Taking care of your firm’s digital marketing from social media to email, Boma makes building and distributing campaigns including digital advertising easy and will analyse the campaign results using advanced machine learning to suggest better, more targeted, campaigns for the future. It makes enterprise marketing expertise available to all businesses leaving you to get on with the accounting and bookkeeping business.

You don’t necessarily need a full house of these apps to transform your firm, just start adding what will best suit your needs and aid growth.