Tech Trends for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Different ways to leverage cloud-based technology

It can be hard to believe that once upon a time, the internet wasn’t a thing. Those accountants and bookkeepers who have been in the game long enough will remember the pre-spreadsheet days, although perhaps not fondly.

Today, technology has become a critical part of the accounting and bookkeeping industry. And not just any technology – cloud-based technology, to be exact.

The cloud offers faster, more timely information which for any accountant or bookkeeper is great news – it means less data entry and more time to focus on high-value advisory work.

Tech moves quickly, so it’s important you understand the trends shaping the accounting and bookkeeping industry. Here we explore some of the ways you can use different online platforms to run your business better and drive more value for your clients.



Add-ons for collaboration

Accounting technology is developing at an unprecedented rate and it’s constantly increasing the availability of real-time data. For your clients, real-time data is worth its weight in gold – it enables them to make faster, smarter, more informed business decisions.

But real-time financial data also needs to be communicated in real-time. Instead of reporting on what has already happened, accountants and bookkeepers can help plan and even predict the future, so long as you have an efficient way of sharing that information.

That’s where cloud-based accounting add-ons facilitate better collaboration between accountants and bookkeepers and their clients. For example, Xero’s integration with Google Hangouts, which offers a direct communication channel, provides an easy way to quickly share insights to your clients in the know.

Connected apps that work better together

The chances of finding an all-encompassing system are slim to none – that’s why there are add-ons. But embracing different apps and add-ons that integrate seamlessly empowers you to customise your tech stack to better fit the needs of your clients.

That might be apps like Hubdoc (for digitising bills and receipts) or Expensify (for tracking expenses) right through to a myriad of payroll, sales, inventory and timesheet add-ons.

Combining the power of multiple applications that work well together not only enables more efficiency opportunities, but it also streamlines the way you work, saving you time which you can then pass on to your clients.


Looking outside the usual ‘tech stack’ box

It’s unusual to find an accountant or bookkeeper these days who isn’t in the cloud – some of the most popular apps have been around for years. But the tools accounting firms are using now go beyond the four walls of the accounting industry.

Online platforms like Boma enable accountants and bookkeepers to drive added value for clients while supporting their own businesses to grow.

Boma’s content library with ready-to-share articles specifically designed to deliver added value for your clients can be easily shared across your email and social channels. It helps connect you with new clients and increase engagement within your current community of clients and followers.

Shift the way you use online platforms

At times, the ever-evolving world of accounting apps can seem daunting, but the right tools will ultimately help change your business for the better. Those who find new ways to leverage cloud-based technology will realise they can do more than ever before and create new services for their clients. In many ways, online platforms are enabling many accountants and bookkeepers to realise their full potential – and that’s good news overall, for their clients and the industry too.


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