Quickly Build Engagement on Social Media or Email with Breaking News

When you share news that directly impacts your clients and prospects, via email or on your social channels, it is not only helpful for them but also demonstrates your firm’s knowledge and expertise. 

Great content marketing adds value, is helpful or entertaining. It focuses on what is interesting to your audience. If every post or email is about your services, your engagement rates might drop. The good news is that you don’t need to create everything yourself. 

Here’s where BOMA helps;

  1. You can choose a relevant article from the BOMA content library, and customise it by adding your own voice. 
  2. You can also share an online article using the ‘share a link’ function. This third-party content might be an article, blog or breaking news.

In this article, we’ll look at the second point. In BOMA you can create a campaign from any online content in a couple of easy steps.

Share a link 

‘Share a link’ in BOMA allows you to share something that is specific to your audience, your location, industry, etc. It could be a government policy announcement, technology news, industry-specific updates, or anything that you know they will find interesting, newsworthy and relevant. 

If you’ve read an article online or written a blog post that you want to share, all you need is the web address (URL) and BOMA creates the campaign for you. 

Here’s how:

  1. On the webpage, copy the address from the URL bar
  2. In BOMA select Create a New Campaign
  3. Choose the channels (email and/or social) that you want to share it to and create a campaign name
  4. Now choose ‘share a link’  and paste in the webpage address (URL).

Once you have pasted in the link, BOMA will pull the featured image, the heading and the first paragraph of text. Then all you need to do is adjust the social post comment, customise your email and hit send.

Watch the short video on how to share a link.

Here are some tips:

  • Make it your own – On your social media channels, introduce the article with a comment or viewpoint.
  • Personalise your email – Customise your email with an introduction that specifically addresses your audience. Include why you are sending the article, why it’s important and any steps your clients may need to take in response. Note: In an email, you can select another image to use with your article, but please note on social media your image will be the one that is specified on the destination page.
  • Gated Content – Is the content available to all or subscribers only? Some news sites have a paywall that restricts access to content via a paid subscription. Check your link will be available to everyone.
  • Check on your engagement rates – If people comment on social media, keep the conversation going with a response or reply to questions. Engaging with people on your social media page will raise your profile above others. Across all industries, the average response rate on social is a tiny 12% so make sure you set yourself apart by talking to your followers and answering questions. The more engagement you get, the more people will see your post.