Using Digital Marketing to Grow your Accounting or Bookkeeping firm with BOMA

If you own or work in an accounting or bookkeeping firm, we know you are flat out. With so much to do and so little time to do it in, there is not a lot of time left to get your head around digital marketing. BOMA was designed for you.

Accounting and bookkeeping firms now need to be online to engage with clients. As internet marketing becomes more complex, many firms cannot afford the specialist help that’s required to design, create, distribute and analyse online marketing so we designed an easy-to-use tool that helps do all of that and with ease!

Here’s what it does (and we’ll keep it snappy cos we know you don’t have much time!).

Let’s start with the challenge

Whatever your business – a gym, a mechanic, a consultancy firm or coffee shop, one of your biggest challenges is attracting and retaining customers. The internet is usually the first place customers go, to search for a product or service. Google alone, processes over 40,000 search queries every second. These search queries may be from your customers who are looking for the product or service that you sell! If you are not already building your brand presence online and engaging with them on social media, you are missing an opportunity.

While digital marketing requires a whole new set of skills, the marketing fundamentals are the same:

  • Work out what your business stands for. What differentiates you from your competitors. Read more about working out your value proposition.
  • Think about who you are talking to. Understand what their pain points are and what they are interested in.
  • Build connections. Turn your prospects into loyal customers and even advocates through credibility, authenticity and social proof (positive recommendations from others).

BOMA was designed specifically for accounting and bookkeeping firms, to remove the time, cost and complexity from digital marketing. The platform makes it easy to create and send effective marketing campaigns via email and your social channels. Here’s what it does in a nutshell:

  • You can choose and customise over 300 current and topical articles in BOMA’s content library or write your own emails and social posts from scratch.
  • BOMA brings all your marketing channels into one platform. Design once and share everywhere – Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Share a blog post you’ve written or an article you’ve read online. Simply paste the link and BOMA creates the campaign for you with images and introductory text for email and social posts.
  • Create emails and social posts from scratch in minutes. Choose from over 2.9 million searchable and free images – or upload your own.
  • BOMA automatically reformats the content and images to fit the channel, whether it’s email or a social media post. No more painful editing in photoshop or calling in the design team. BOMA does it for you.
  • Grow your audience with lead capture forms that capture names and emails for your email marketing, you can also embed them on your website.
  • When your campaign has been delivered you can see how it performed on each channel on the insights page.

Here’s how to get your digital marketing started:

1. Who are you talking to?

Digital Marketing always starts with your audience.  Upload your email contacts into BOMA using a CSV file. Add tags to your contacts – Not every client, or potential client, is the same and they may not all be interested in the same content. Using tags in BOMA allows you to segment your contact list so that you send information they are genuinely interested in, or surprise them with something they didn’t know, but are glad you told them. If your campaign is not relevant, you increase the chance they won’t open your next email or read the next post.

Your tags could be based on their purchase history, interests, location, age, or service need. Sending relevant information that offers something useful will establish you as uniquely positioned to help them.

2. Make it easy for people to sign up

Wherever your prospects find you, whether it’s on your website or your social pages, give them the opportunity to sign up for news and updates by providing an easy sign-up. Put this front and centre on your website and your social pages. Make it compelling, Tell them what kind of information you will send and why it will be valuable to them, such as special offers, insider news, useful guides or vouchers. BOMA’s lead capture form feature allows you to easily create a sign-up form that updates your contact list.

3. Gather your followers

Build your social media presence by inviting people to like or follow your page. The more connections you make in social the wider your potential reach for organic posts. When you share something that resonates with your audience, they are more likely to share, comment or like, and this puts you in front of their network.

  1. Invite people. Share your page on your own personal Facebook timeline and ask friends and family to connect and support you. Click on Community in the left-hand column and then find friends by typing in their name or selecting invite beside their names.
  2. Include social icons with links to your pages in your email footer and on your website to encourage people to visit your pages

4. Create beautifully branded emails and posts

Every communication you send out builds awareness of your business and represents your brand values through the use of your brand colours, style and tone of voice. Upload your logo and BOMA pulls out the colours to create a theme for your emails. You don’t need to know the colour Hex codes or RGB values! BOMA’s email templates allow you to create amazing professional looking communications.

5. Use the image library

No more searching the internet for stock images with creative commons usage rights, or paying for usage rights, the BOMA image library has over 2,900,000  free images to choose from. Just type in your search term and choose from the selection. If you want to customise the image you can do this to – and let your creativity rule with frames, overlays effects, lighting or simply leave it as it is!. Visual content is more engaging than text alone, choose an image that is going to appeal to your audience. If you prefer to use your own images you can upload these directly into the editor and customise them as well.

6. Grow your brand and reach through content marketing and BOMA’s Content Library

Whereas marketing is about driving sales, content marketing is about offering prospective clients something that interests them, is entertaining or will help them. In the long run, it’s still about driving business growth but rather than directly asking for something, you are building relationships and demonstrating you know your readers by providing something of real value. Great content keeps you top of mind in consumers heads so you are the obvious choice.

BOMA users get access to a content library filled with over 300 customisable ready-to-share articles filled with insightful articles that are timely, relevant and varied ensuring you always have something to talk about in your emails and social posts to current clients and new prospects. You can also post the articles to your wordpress website via Zapier at the click of a button.


7. Get Social

Social media channels such as Facebook may have started as a place for people to keep in touch but the impact of social media on buying decisions is growing fast. On these sites, you can connect with a broader audience and the communication is two-way, unlike the more traditional channels such as newspaper ads or radio.

If your posts are liked and shared, they are amplified and you benefit from the word of mouth. This is powerful.

That’s why BOMA gives you more than just email marketing. With each campaign, you can reach new and existing clients through email and across all of your social media pages. Simply choose the channel and BOMA will reformat your campaign so it is compatible as an email, a tweet, or a social post!

8. Facebook and Instagram ads

For a relatively small investment, Social ads allow you to target your specific audience. Ads on Facebook and Instagram help to support your organic posts and allow you to place your message in front of a highly targeted audience. You can reach more people, promote products or offers and direct people through to your website. BOMA delivers your ad direct to Facebook and Instagram, keeping all your digital marketing under one roof!

9. Send it out or schedule it

Schedule your campaign so that it goes out to your audience at a time that suits your audience, and your business.

10. View the insights

Use BOMA’s campaign insights to understand what content resonates. Straight-forward analytics give you a clear picture of what your audience is most interested in, so you can create more of the same.

Digital Marketing Made Easy

BOMA helps to supercharge your marketing with multi-channel digital campaigns and there’s no need for any creative or marketing skills. But we are pretty sure you will develop some of these skills in the process. You know your brand and customers best so you are best placed to understand what they would like to hear. When you combine this with the data on how your campaigns performed, you have all the information for engaging and effective digital marketing.

So what are you waiting for? Send a campaign today.



BOMA is a digital marketing tool and content library for Accountants and Bookkeepers. Communicate with clients and prospects with ease from one platform. BOMA gives you over 300 expertly written advisory articles and free images so you can create emails, newsletters and social posts in minutes.

Nothing comes close to BOMA in marketing your firm.  

Find out how BOMA can help with your digital marketing.