Meet BOMA’s best-in-class partners

Valuable content for your clients from 4 thought leaders 

As an accountant your priority is better financial solutions for clients, which often means marketing takes a back seat. That’s where BOMA comes in. As an all-in-one content library and marketing tool for accountants, it lets you build your business without all the extra work. 

How does BOMA do this? By partnering with the best minds in the game to offer you world-class content. Our partners are renowned for their insights, research and opinions. By using this content, you give your clients the inside scoop, allowing their businesses and yours to stay one step ahead. 

Here are our best-in-class partners that help BOMA create valuable content for your business. 

  • The GAP – business development experts

The GAP is an accounting advisory business based in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. It provides fully systemised processes and education to accountants. Its advice is practical, easy to follow and proven to impact revenue. By using its services, accountants are better equipped to market, sell and deliver business advisory services to their clients. 

BOMA’s partnership with The Gap lets you take the best of its content to share with clients. This engages your clients and attracts new ones by giving them the insight and information they need to improve their businesses beyond compliance. 

  • Wolters Kluwer CCH – deep knowledge in tax and compliance

Wolters Kluwer is a leading global source of professional information. It provides customer-focused tax, accounting and audit information alongside software and services. Accounting businesses use its real-time insights to make critical decisions and stay up to date. BOMA works with Wolters Kluwer in Australia and New Zealand to create expert content for your customers and offer timely advice. Your clients will begin to rely on these emails or posts, creating more long-lasting relationships. 

  • Xero – thought leaders in SME success 

As a leading online accounting software, Xero supports small business owners to manage their finances. Armed with everything it’s learnt, Xero has become a thought leader in the SME space, focusing on helping owners drive their success. This includes writing insightful articles, developing research and sharing reports – information so valuable it’s often quoted by the media. 

BOMA makes it easy to share these articles with your clients. Access the content library and use BOMA to distribute it in a way that suits you and your customers –  by email or social media, your clients will appreciate getting excellent information curated by you.

  • MyHR – experts in people management 

Finding and retaining great employees is one of the hardest parts of running a business. MyHR was created to help make it easy. As a complete, outsourced human resource department, its hybrid service gives clients a specialised digital platform, fully supported by a team of experts. MyHR has over 20,000 individual employment relationships in more than 1000 businesses across New Zealand and Australia. 

Its expertise means it has a deep understanding of employment law and HR best practice. It uses plain language to provide expert HR advisory content in BOMA. This includes policy changes and common issues small businesses face when hiring. 

Smarter marketing 

Growing your accounting firm doesn’t have to be about working harder. It’s about how you manage your time, resources and mind, working together for a better output. 

By partnering with best-in-class thought leaders, BOMA has built a library with hundreds of articles, updated every week. You can easily create thoughtful emails, social posts and website blogs in just a few clicks using this content which is also customisable so you can add your perspective, tone of voice etc if you wish. It’s designed specifically for accountants to be a simple answer to your digital marketing challenges. The platform works hard to engage your customers while you focus on what you’re good at. 

If you want to drive long-lasting business growth without putting in overtime, start your free trial with BOMA today.