Content Marketing for Accountants. How do I make my Firm Stand Out?

We know that it is much easier to edit a piece of content than to write it from scratch. Content marketing such as writing blogs, social posts, and emails takes time and resources. 

BOMA was designed to solve this issue specifically for accountants and bookkeepers. Everything you need in one platform – timely and relevant content, and the tools to share it with clients and leads via email, social media, and your website blog. You can choose from hundreds of customisable articles in the content library, plus you can create your own content.

If you are trialing BOMA you might be wondering, ‘How do I make my firm stand out from others who are also using BOMA?’

There are a number of reasons why this is not an issue for our users.

  1. The content library has hundreds of articles available to choose from. Content is updated weekly so there are lots to choose from. Use the filters or search bar to find specific topics.
  2. Most people have one accountant so your clients will only be receiving your email or following your social pages. (In our experience it’s only accountants who follow multiple accountants on social media).
  3. BOMA provides you with easy ways to customise your content to make it relevant for your audience, and for your firm.

So, how can you customise the BOMA content?

The BOMA content library articles are written as though an accountant, bookkeeper, or business advisor (like you) wrote them. But no one will sound exactly like you, so here’s where you add your brand voice, your perspective, and your personality.

Once you have chosen an article you’d like to share, you can start customising.

  • Change the image – BOMA has over 4 million to choose from in our image library – or upload your own. This immediately makes your social post look different. If you are sharing a tax legislation update, it is possible that other accountants or bookkeepers are too but the information is still relevant and valuable to your followers.
  • Change the heading or title of the article for your social post and/or email subject line.
  • Customise the text – add an introduction that addresses your unique audience. Apply your own tone of voice. Add insight and examples to ensure the text represents your business, your services, your client base, and your region. The more you personalise the content, the more it will reflect you and be of value to your audience.

Busting the myth around duplicate content

Experts believe that 30% of the content on the Internet is duplicated. This is likely to become more common with AI content writers. While Google recognises the original source of the content and rewards them, you are not penalised.

By sharing content on your site you are providing useful information to clients and prospects who visit your page. You can link your social posts back to your website for people to read more on a topic. To make your content more unique, and optimised for search,  think about the types of phrases your clients and prospects would type into a search engine when they are looking for your services. These are called keywords.

Keywords to consider ranking for on your website:

  • Your profession – e.g. Accountant or Bookkeeper
  • Key industry phrases – eg Tax, GST returns, compliance, accounts receivable, Payroll, Superannuation, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll Tax, Single-Touch Payroll, BAS, Cashflow forecasting, Business Success Review, annual Budget, performance targets, key metrics etc
  • Your plans, packages and services
  • Your expertise niche for e.g. rural, small business, agricultural, professional or technology
  • Your business name 
  • Your location including town/city and country
  • Accreditations and integrations e.g. Xero Partner.

Other SEO Tips for your business website

There are over 200 factors that affect a website’s ranking. Google looks at the overall quality and having some duplicate content is a small part of the overall picture. Important factors to consider are:

  • Performance: page load speed & having a mobile responsive website
  • Quality: even spelling & grammar is taken into account
  • Popularity: how much traffic is coming to your site. Do you have links to other websites and/or others linking back to your site?
  • Relevance: keyword search, page titles matching the content on the page
  • Navigation: how easy is the site to navigate or browse
  • Bounce rate – give them a reason to stay on your site

As an accountant, your website content should already be working hard to drive great SEO. In other words, your website copy should include specific keywords that you want to rank for.  Great content will give your readers something of value to engage in when they land on your website.

For more inspiration, read our Ultimate Guide to Blog Writing for Accountants.


ABOUT BOMA – Did you know that BOMA has a library of hundreds of articles that are updated weekly? BOMA is designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers so you can create relevant, useful, and compelling emails and social posts. Simply choose an article, customise it, and send it as an email, blog, or social post. BOMA kickstarts your digital marketing. Trial for free today