BOMA + Zapier Integration


BOMA now integrates with Zapier

Zapier allows you to integrate to thousands of other online systems to ensure that you can both send data out of BOMA and into it.

Two common use cases for Zapier are:

  1. You can post articles from the BOMA content library directly to your website or blog with one click.
  2. You can push new contacts into your BOMA account from other sources, e.g. contact or lead capture forms on your website, and to send contacts from BOMA forms to other systems you have, e.g. a CRM.

BOMA Zapier integration

Zap BOMA content to your website as a blog post

BOMA Zapier integration

Zap (sync) contacts between BOMA and your CRM

BOMA Zapier integration

Boma is really easy to use!  In a few clicks I can create and send a campaign via email and my social channels. I can reach more people, more easily and get on with my work for clients.

Scott Murray, Tester Porter Services, Australia

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