Automatic Image Formatting


Keep content creation simple

BOMA saves time and resource on your marketing efforts with auto formatting of content for social posts.


Create and share

It’s simple. Just create your content once, then BOMA will take care of formatting your content so that it’s ready to share across all your channels.


Save time

No more multiple sign-ins, no more time consuming photo editing. BOMA easily adjusts your posts from within the same platform.


Access thousands of images

With access to hundreds of thousands of images, you can easily select imagery for your posts, choose which channels you want to send it to, then distribute to your online audience.

Boma was exactly what a firm like ours was looking for. In the past we found digital marketing complex and time consuming. With Boma, it’s so easy and the support team are awesome.  If you are unsure, give the 14 day trial a go and have a play.

Luke Sawyer, Woottons, Australia

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