Audience Segmentation


Connect with the right audience

Targeted customer communications have more impact, generate more interest and qualify sharper leads. BOMA’s audience segmentation tools help you understand customer behaviour, so you can provide timely, relevant content that really aligns with what they need.


Rich customer profiles

Think of BOMA like a CRM – only better. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of customer behaviour so you can then deliver value where they need it most.


Give the right content, to the right customers

Segmentation allows you to offer content that makes sense to specific sections of your audience, sparking new conversations and new opportunities for your business.


Customise to suit

As you better understand how your audience interacts with your business, you can curate and customise content that you know they enjoy and engage with the most.

I put as much care into my online communication and emails as I do into the advisory services I offer my clients. Boma’s intuitive platform helps me share knowledge and insights easily with my clients and saves me time.

Karen Woller, Thrive, New Zealand

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