Multi-Channel Digital Campaigns


All your channels in one place

BOMA brings together all your email and social media platforms in one place. There’s no need to switch between accounts or re-purpose content – with a few clicks, you can easily create and share content at the right time and the right channel for your audience.


Reformat with ease

Managing multiple platforms can become a challenge. With BOMA, all your content can be stored, created and distributed from one simple, intuitive platform.


Save time with scheduling

Stay active even when you’re busy by scheduling emails and social posts for times that make the most sense for your business, and your audience.


Measure your impact

See your engagement analytics, track conversions and measure ROI so you can get a better understanding of how your content resonates with your audience.

“Boma helps me easily and regularly connect with my clients via email and social media all in one simple but powerful platform – a great time saver.”

Nikki Gilbert, Enrich Accounting, Australia

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