The worlds first marketing automation platform designed specifically for large enterprises that sell their products and services through SMB's.

“BOMA is the tool we were looking for to be able to boost Xero’s community of accounting and bookkeeping practices. Now, we can provide the content campaigns for our Xero partners, becoming their virtual marketing team. These campaigns will help them attract new customers and grow their business.

How cool is that?”


Rod Drury
Founder, Xero

BOMA gives enterprise a low cost content amplification engine enabling effective use of digital assets


Create a cost effective, owned media channel to enable amplification of your central marketing initiatives to reach your SMB customers customers and/or 3rd party outlets customers, while ensuring you protect your brand.


Provide a differentiated way to add value to your SMB customers and/or 3rd party outlets by giving them an effective, yet simple digital marketing tool to help them grow their businesses and save time.

How does it work?

Create a dedicated content library ( i.e. articles, insights, promotions) including custom email template designs.
Head Office team uploads content to BOMA’s Content Management System (CMS).
Your SMB customers/ 3rd party outlets can access your custom content library using a unique code.
They then select a piece of content from your library which BOMA automatically reformats so they can send a single or multi channel campaign in minutes.
Campaign effectiveness and engagement can be tracked using BOMA's performance dashboards.

How does this help my SMB customers and 3rd party outlets?


Helps them grow their business

BOMA helps them achieve their desired business goals such as growing revenue through acquiring new or nurturing exisiting customers.


Makes digital marketing easy

With BOMA, your customers don’t need to login to multiple social media accounts and separate email platforms or reformat copy and imagery to suit each digital channel.


Saves them time

Creating content from scratch is hard. You can help enable them to kick start their marketing efforts via your content library, they’ll love you for it!


Saves them money

BOMA reduces the need for expensive 3rd party outsourcing of social media expertise, content creation and design resource.

Are you a franchise or franchisee?

BOMA’s solution offers the same opportunities and benefits for franchises and franchisees.

Create your own customised content library.

Enable your franchisees to easily do personalised, localised digital marketing that grows their business and saves time.

Create a cost effective owned media channel to amplify your central marketing initiatives.

Get data insights into activity across your franchisee base. Find out what’s working and what’s not!


Training and Support

  • A dedicated BOMA Account Manager to assist with the implementation and ongoing requirements.
  • Customised training and support programmes tailored to meet the needs of your SMB customers/ 3rd party outlets.
  • Customer success experts on call to ensure uptake and ongoing success.
  • Comprehensive resource centre: BOMA has a range of online resources and tools available such as ‘How To’ Videos and User Guides with loads of helpful tips and tricks.
  • Digital marketing training: BOMA can enable a series of face to face training sessions on digital marketing and/or eLearning modules.

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