Create digital marketing campaigns like a pro

Everything you need for a digital marketing campaign, without having to be a digital marketer.

Customisable email templates, in-built Xero content library*, access to a stock photo library with over 600,000 free images, advanced and easy to use social media scheduling and ad creation tools.

Stand out, strengthen your brand presence and grow your reach, without investing in expensive design teams and resources.

BOMA takes the cost and hassle out of your digital marketing, so you can share professional quality content with your clients easily and effectively.

*Currently available to Xero partners. More content libraries are being added soon.

BOMA makes it simple and cost efficient to market to your audience.

“We are numbers not words! – so while we were keen to do some marketing, we were always putting it off. I used to dread sending newsletters to my clients….by dread I mean, not even do’. Now I enjoy writing newsletters each month and with the email templates they are super easy.

The content library gives you so many options on what to discuss with clients each week and the facebook ads let you quickly and easily connect with your audience. Now it’s exciting what knowledge I can share and I also get great feedback from clients. I am absolutely in love with BOMA.”

Jo Doye, Alluvia Financial