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Key Performance Indicators for your Business

How do you know if your business is on track with your goals? If you’re not where you want to be, how do you know what will take you there? This is where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important for your business.

Is your Airbnb income taxable?

When you rent out all or part of your home short-term, through Airbnb, Bookabach, Holiday Homes or any other property rental platform, special tax rules apply to calculating income and expenditure, depending on the type of property and its use.

Cost Control for Business

It’s a given that you’ll want to maximise your business income. Sometimes, however, when factors outside your control are limiting your income, rethinking your costs might be where you can shift your outcomes in your favour.

Depreciation - what do I need to know?

Most assets lose value over time as they get older. This is known as depreciation. Businesses can claim depreciation loss as a deductible expense each tax year.

Tax and property - ring-fencing rental losses

If you earn income from rental property, be aware that new rules were introduced for the tax treatment of rental losses, applying from 1 April 2019 (for standard balance date taxpayers) for the 2019/20 and later income years.

Motor vehicle business use and reimbursements

As an employer you can reimburse employees for the costs associated with using their private vehicles for work. Inland Revenue allows these as tax-free to the employee and deductible to the employer, given certain conditions.

Bad Debts and Tax

When you’re tidying up your documentation for end of tax year, don’t forget to review your debtors. If you are able to write off bad debts, you may be able to claim a tax deduction.

Profit Improvement - Adding value

Every business has the potential to command a premium price for its products or services if it can market those products or services so that the customer perceives added value.

Understanding your Financial Statements

You may be used to thinking of financial statements purely in terms of your annual tax return but for success in business they need to be much more than that. As the business owner/operator, it is essential that you understand your financial position.

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