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December 6-7, 2017, Fair Market

Boma is a self-drive marketing platform that allows you to grow your business without the need for creative or marketing skills.

"Boma is the tool we were looking for to be able to boost Xero's community of accounting and bookkeeping practices."

Rod Drury
CEO, Xero

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Boma and Xero HQ provide your practice with effortless content creation and distribution across multiple digital channels. Boma enables you to supercharge your practice by creating and distributing multi channel digital campaigns without the need for any creative or marketing skills.


Client Sync

Sync your Xero HQ client list with Boma for a single record with no need to manually import and export client information, between platforms.

Xero Content Library

Access Xero’s content library, created and designed to help support Accountants and Bookkeepers communicate with their current clients and grow their business.

Effortless content creation

Boma allows you to create and publish any content you choose. You also get access to our huge image library to help create engaging emails, social posts, video - our campaign builder is super easy to use.

Monitor on-the-go

Time is limited in the modern accounting practice so Boma is available to you anywhere at anytime - you can even monitor campaigns right from your smart-phone or tablet.

All Features

Xero content library

Boma’s content library, powered by Xero HQ, gives accountants and bookkeepers access to content specifically designed to deliver highly relevant added value campaigns to current and future clients. Covering a variety of topics including Retail, Construction, Events, Small Business Advice, Security, Cloud Software, Cloud Accounting, Accounting Basics (invoicing, payroll, cash flow) and more.

Boma makes it easy to deliver campaigns at the click of a few buttons. As someone working to embrace a work/life balance, I love the ease of use and content that it offers without the need for copywriters, designers and significant marketing investment.

Wayne Richard
Founder, Prescribed Bookkeeping

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Boma is super easy to use. I can share news and add value for my existing clients. It's great to see more activity on my Linkedin profile as a result.

Bridget Evans
Principal, Small b Accounts

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