A practical guide to turn recent Federal Budget tax changes into advisory opportunities for your accounting practice

Each year, Federal Budget announcements result in a high volume of tax changes which can be time consuming and difficult to keep track of. We’ll start to see the impact of these tax law changes coming into effect in the next few weeks. It’s important for accountants to stay on top of the latest developments to give reliable, accurate advice to their clients.

Knowing what to communicate to your clients can be tricky, especially if the team is time-poor and doesn’t have the in-house marketing expertise to navigate what and how to share these key changes to affected clients.

This is where CCH iQ and BOMA come into play. Wolters Kluwer CCH iQ provides event-based, actionable insights prepared by experienced, in-house tax experts all locally based in Australia.

Wolters Kluwer’s CCH iQ premium content library in BOMA make it easier for accounting firms to provide these actionable insights for clients to attract and engage new business through curated, trusted content that can be easily shared via email, on social media and your website

In this session, we’ll showcase:

  • How CCH iQ works – the process from a tax trigger event -> expert insight/content you can communicate to clients
  • Practical examples of the latest CCH iQ content following the recent Federal Budget announcements
  • The partnership between CCH iQ and BOMA’s digital marketing platform streamlining your ability to take premium content and easily distribute it via multiple digital marketing channels (email, newsletter, blog) and social media within a few clicks.

When: Wednesday 31st May at 11am AEST

Who should attend: This is suitable for accountants in practice, tax practitioners and bookkeepers.