Business Valuations: Essential Insights for Accountants Supporting Clients in the Sales Process

For many business owners the process of selling their business can be fraught with risk and challenges. As their Accountant, you are in a prime position to offer vital support during this process. But how exactly can you assist them?

Join Charles Clark, Marketing Director of BOMA as he hosts Tony Van Camp, Associate Director of Bayleys Business Sales, for this 45 minute session.

Tony is expertly placed to discuss business valuation with over 18 years experience selling businesses. Having been through countless due diligence processes Tony has finely honed his valuation process and prefers “to measure three times and cut once – so that the valuation accounts for the risks around the future maintainable earnings of the business.”

Key insights that Tony will share with you:

  • Is your client’s business actually saleable at your valuation
  • What if you were on the buy side?
  • Are you seeing the risks in the same way an independent due diligence team will?
  • Is it appropriate to rely solely on historical financials to arrive at a market valuation?
  • Why is it that two almost identical businesses can value very differently?
  • Normalised EBIT – what the market will accept?