Getting started

Excited to dive into Boma? Here's the best place to start!

It's simple to setup your account

Just create your user name and password and we'll send you an email notification to confirm you're on board!

Then upload your company logo and any social links and Boma will automatically design a template for use across all channels (email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).

You can also customise it yourself, and the great thing is you only need to do this once saving you precious time.

Syncing your Xero HQ contacts

To connect to Xero HQ go to your Settings page and you’ll be taken to Xero HQ to authenticate your account. You’ll then be presented with a request to sync your Xero HQ contacts.

On successful completion of your sync go to the Contacts page to view your newly synced contacts.

Which channels can I use?

Your leads and customers all use multiple digital channels to communicate and engage with other people and companies so why shouldn't you?

Boma enables you to send campaigns across multiple channels including email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can send out a campaign to just one channel or all of them. Boma will learn which are most the effective and will make recommendations on how best to reach your customers.

Sending your first campaign

Whether it' your first campaign or your 100th, Boma makes it easy, just follow these 5 easy steps;

1) Select the channel(s) you want to use
2) Select the audience you want to reach
3) Choose an image, either use your own or make use of our huge image content library
4) Insert the message, what you want to say
5) Review and then press send


How did my campaign perform?

Understanding the performance of digital campaigns can be complicated, especially if you’re using multiple platforms across multiple channels.

Not with Boma, we offer an integrated campaign dashboard that collates your data from all the channels and displays it in an easy to understand dashboard.

You'll quickly understand what's working well so you can do more of that and also what's not so you can do less.

The end result is a more efficient use of your resources (time and money) and more effective campaigns driving better results.

Looking for ideas to help with your marketing?

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