What's it all about?

Marketing is the process of building awareness of your firm’s products and services amongst current and potential clients and persuading them to choose your firm over your competitors.

But marketing has changed. The ever increasing connectivity created by the internet has resulted in Digital Marketing – an entirely new way to to showcase your offer and grow your business. The good news is that digital marketing has actually made it easier and cheaper than ever to reach out to prospects and engage with your existing clients. Digital Marketing is more targeted, more measurable and more interactive than traditional methods. The bad news is that if you’re not taking advantage then you’re at risk of being left behind.

We’ve written this guide for accountants and bookkeepers who maybe first-timers or more experienced marketers who want to understand and brush up on their digital marketing knowledge. Each chapter covers the fundamentals of digital marketing and gives you easy steps and straightforward tips to apply in your accounting and bookkeeping business.

What's Inside

1. Brand – The foundational idea that underlies your business and can set you apart from your competition in the long haul

2. Website – The importance of an effective website and best practice

3. Search Engine Optimisation – How to optimise your website to increase online visibility

4. Advertising on Google Search – What and how Google works plus campaign best practice

5. Content Marketing – How to grow your brand and reach

6. Educational Marketing – How to educate and provide value to clients

7. Email Marketing –  Advice on how to connect with, convert and retain clients

8. Social Media – The new Word of Mouth and the power of networking online

9. Return on Investment – How to navigate the numbers and calculate your return on investment

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Is this guide really free?
Yes. Our mission at BOMA is to take the complexity out of digital marketing. You can find more information and useful guides in our Marketing Resources library.

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