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Why small businesses need to improve their SEO game


What is SEO? SEO, or search engine optimisation, is used to improve a company’s position on search engine rankings. It falls under the broad category of inbound marketing – the practice of positioning a company to attract the interest of consumers organically. The practice of SEO is related to a variety of techniques such as  … Read more

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Does my small business need a PR agency?

Man Holding PR Sign

What does a PR Agency actually do? If you want to know whether to instruct a public relations agency, the short answer is maybe. The concept of public relations covers a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and the media. It has been defined by  … Read more

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Who are my customers and how do I reach them?


Why knowing who your customers are is important It is important for any business to go though a process of determining the characteristics of current and most likely future customers. Knowing whom your marketing should appeal to is half the battle when it comes developing a successful campaign. Successful marketers take this knowledge and leverage  … Read more

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How to nurture your customers from first contact to sale


Why nurturing your customers is critical  Nurturing customers is an important function for any customer-facing business. It involves the process of responding to initial expressions of interest from prospects by channelling them into a sales funnel ultimately leading to purchase of your products. It can also apply to the process of retaining existing customers and  … Read more

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