BOMA + Wolters Kluwer CCH: How Growth Focused Accounting Firms Can Provide Value To Clients in 2022

Staying on top of all the legislative changes in the current Australian tax landscape can be challenging. Changes to multiple areas of tax can occur daily and might significantly affect your clients. In addition, clients don’t always understand highly tax technical information. Being able to absorb these changes and provide simple but effective advice to clients is an essential strategy for accountants who want to support clients and drive business growth.

The content in the CCH iQ premium library, coupled with BOMA’s digital marketing platform, delivers exactly that! With a few clicks, you can easily choose an article, and share it via email, social media channels and your website. CCH iQ’s actionable, event-based insights, combined with BOMA’s easy-to-use platform, make it easier for accounting firms to provide value for clients and attract and engage new business through curated content.

In this session you’ll see: –

  • BOMA and CCH iQ’s ready-to-share content and customisation options
  • Content combination & formats (emails, social posts, blogs, etc.)
  • How to support and educate clients with minimum hassle